The Block: Sky High Season Six- Room Reveal 3

The Block: Sky High Season Six- Room Reveal 3

In what can easily be described as an emotion filled week of The Block, the contestants have had to complete a master bedroom and a dressing room. Will they finish it all in time?

It’s the day before reveal and everyone’s exhausted after spending all night trying to get ahead by pulling an all-nighter. While Johnno is sleeping, Trixie decides that the blue wall and yellow linen don’t match well. So since it’s easier to paint the wall again than get new linen. She has to go tell Johnno that they are changing the wall. He’s not impressed but agrees that winning the room all comes down to choosing the correct colour.

On level 2, Matt and Kim are woken up by the tradesman to put their carpet in but there’s a problem. Yesterday, when Matt got the underfloor heating installed, they forgot to do the dressing room as well. So the carpet is laid and will have to be pulled up at a later date so the heating can go down.

On floors 3 & 4, Madi and Bec are painting solo while Jarrod and George have breakfast together. Madi is joking about how close they have become. George eventually returns and wants to get all the painting done so the carpet can just be laid. It’s been a tough week for both of them as Bec’s mum has been battling cancer and her time is almost up. In one of the most emotional scenes I have ever seen on Reality TV, Bec explains the reason why they wanted to do this was for her.

Kim has gone to do some shopping for some artwork for the room while Trixie goes ahead and changes the paint colour. The twins have put a bath in their dressing room and they are sticking with it along with fake concrete wall paper. Bec and Gorge have got some bad news. Bec’s mum only has a few hours so both her and George will be leaving the Block for now. The contestants and Scotty all pitch in and finish the painting.

With 12 hours left till reveal all teams have a lot to do. All teams will be pulling an all-nighter. George is thankful that the painting is done. All teams mange to complete their rooms but only just.

Now it’s time for judging. First up the penthouse, Neale and Shaynna love the unironed yellow linen. The whole room screams inner city Melbourne and it’s absolutely perfect. The wardrobe is massive and spacious. Shaynna calls it brilliant but would love timber instead of melamine to give it more of a penthouse feel but it’s impressive. They just need to give it some more finishing touches.

Next up, Madi and Jarrod where the judges love the style of curtains and the poster- it’s beautiful and simple and elegant. However, the position of the bed doesn’t feel right to them. They think buyers wouldn’t buy the apartment. To the dressing room and they love the island bench top. Neale calls it more impressive then the bedroom but it’s not perfect. Shaynna and Darren think that if they redesign the bedroom to match the dressing room it will be magic.

Bec and Gorge have managed to complete both rooms despite the struggle. They love the heated floor and the black and white picture of the boardwalk. The padded bedhead is a personal favourite of Darren’s. The wardrobe is called simple and elegant. The shoe rack is another good choice for Shaynna.

Matt and Kim are next and the judges are amazed and Shaynna calls the room absolutely stunning. Neale loves the colour palette of the bedding. They love that the TV can be used as a mirror but the artwork isn’t well liked. Darren says it feels luxurious and expensive just like it should.

The wardrobe is loved and the lighting sets the mood. There is lots of storage space and a couch. It was the first room they walked into where the bedroom and dressing room connect with the ensuite. Shaynna says they finally found their mojo.

Last up, the twins. The bath is instantly wowed and Shaynna says it will be what a buyer will want Darren notes that they have done it without losing space. All three judges agree that this will create a bidding war due to it being unique. In the bedroom they love the wallpaper and everything is balanced except for the picture they have chosen. But it all flows perfectly and they are nailing it.

It’s now time for the results but before we do that we are told that Bec and George are at the hospital. Here is what each team got from Darren, Shaynna and Neale respectively:

TRIXIE & JOHNNO: 8.5, 8.5, 8 = 25

MADI & JARROD: 8.5, 8, 7.5 = 24

BEC & GEORGE: 9, 8.5, 8.5 = 26

MATT & KIM: 9.5, 8.5, 9 = 27

ALISA & LYSANDRA: 9.5, 9, 9.5 = 28

This means that Alisa and Lysandra get $10,000 for their budget. They also get another Energy Star. Next week the contestants will fly home to their families and see their loved ones so Bec and George can spend time with theirs.

With that the episode ends and when we return tomorrow night a full week will have passed.


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