The Block: Sky High Season Six – Noise Restrictions Restrict Work On Block

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Noise Restrictions Restrict Work On Block

The contestants have a mammoth double room to present this week, but with noise restrictions in place for most of the remainder of the week, will people finish?

Most contestants make use of the noise restrictions to have a sleep in. Trixie’s kids, who arrived yesterday, treat her to a breakfast in bed. But there’s stuff that has to be done and the contestants have to pick up non-power tools at one stage today. Matt & Kim are having a stressful time with their relationship, constantly fighting and draining themselves. I think the fact they haven’t won a room yet is getting to them. They decide to use the tools down day to paint.

Madi & Jarrod are also stressed out. They haven’t employed a builder as Jarrod can do most of that work himself, but the stress is also causing relationship problems for them as well.

Bec & George haven’t got the message of noise restrictions (and I’m guessing because it’s two noise restriction days in a row, it’s Easter on The Block) and one of their tradies is using a power tool!

Alisa & Lysandra’s family arrives to see the Block for the first time.

Shelley comes around for a tour of the floors. Her tour of Trixie & Johnno’s apartment really consists of her looking at Johnno doing a few…improvs.

The hosts are blown away at the $15,000 being spent on Matt & Kim’s rooms this week. That night, they put their furniture in and they don’t like how the furniture blends with all their painting. They decide to swap a few things and they’re much happier with their new purchases.

The next day, they have a day off at the Caulfield Races. They all scrub up very well! In the end, the winners of the best dressed competition are Jarrod & George. They win some SDB keys. With that, they enjoy the horse races. When handed the guide, they find out that THEY will be racing today! The winner will get $3,000, with the runner up getting $1,500 and third place getting $500.

To help be chaperone, Keith is dressed up in a hilarious costume. But soon, they all dress up in ridiculous costumes. In the end, they find out they’re riding… in zorbballs!! It’s a 350m race of hilarity. The twins are doing well and end up winning!

Madi & Jarrod come second while Matt & Kim come in third.