House Rules Season One – Sydney Renovation In Full Swing

House Rules Season One – Sydney Renovation In Full Swing

With contestants days behind schedule, work is in full swing at Michelle & Steve’s Sydney home. What problems will the teams face next?

Carly has been painting some awnings and skirtings however as she left the planks outside, the dew has prevented the paint from setting. She isn’t the only person to have to deal with this. At least she’s not Jane & Plinio. As usual, they are way behind- moreso than anyone else. What’s worse is Jane can’t make up her mind on any style ideas.

Carolyn comes to visit and looks at the boys’ Moroccan style tiled wall. Carolyn calls it ‘confident’. Carolyn then goes to Jane & Plinio’s kitchen and questions their pale timber design. This breaks Jane’s confidence and emotions. It doesn’t help when Plinio begins questioning the colour of their splashback.

Sean begins work on the front porch as part of his zone. It’s a huge job, but Nick thinks Sean should suck it up and get on with it.

With only a day and a bit left, the contestants hurriedly put their plaster up and work through the night. They use anything available to dry the plaster. At least most people can paint a section of their zone however Plinio & Jane, as per usual, have nothing available to paint. Their plaster is too wet.

Lovely Michelle & Steve order pizza for the contestants. This doesn’t soften the news that only twelve hours remain.

After the break, its morning and only eight hours remain. It’s judgement day! Sean encounters a problem- pieces of his toilet is missing.

With five hours to go, Jemma puts the wrong paint on the walls! Oh, dear! And she’s angry because Ben is being bossy! They also paint the hinges of the door. Not a good idea.

Plinio the wallpaper wizard is up to his old tricks. It looks good. Can he get it done on time? Easily! Luckily something is going well with that couple. But maybe it isn’t as Plinio is getting stressed.

Nick & Chris’ vanity arrives and it’s glass! Good, but the hole for the tap is too small and it’s too hard to widen it. The brothers’ problems don’t end there. When their carpet layer arrives, he tells them their doors will need to come off as they’re too low for him to lay the carpet under. One of the doors is a sliding door. How are you even meant to remove it?! Meanwhile, Carly is dying from running accessories and furniture up to the house. Leighton needs help installing doors, so tensions begin to rise in the volatile team.

Meanwhile, Jane & Plinio’s fridge has arrived and it can’t fit through the door! They have to take the fridge door off and it’s going to take an hour. It’s sitting on Amy & Sean’s porch and it’s slowing work for them!


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