The Block Sky High Season Six – Master Bedroom Week Begins

The Block Sky High Season Six – Master Bedroom Week Begins

The contestants have just come out of a controversial double room week and will now enter another double room week. Will the controversy follow suit?

Apparently, yes it does, because apparently noise travels through that tradie lift pretty easily and people have been listening in, and there are a lot of questionable words being flung! But that’s a story for another day.

Firstly, we review the Trixie Vs. Alisa feud yet again. The steam room is the hot topic of competition on the way home. It’s now time for the inspection.

Bec & George are up first and their ‘his bathroom’. Trixie loves the toilet. Matt isn’t so happy about the room, calling it generic. Alisa and Lysandra call it small. The teams seem to like the female bathroom better, except Matt and the twins.

Alisa and Lysandra are next and first is their male bathroom. They are impressed with the steam room except of course Trixie. The teams are more critical of the female bathroom.

Matt & Kim’s female bathroom is next. The contestants don’t know where to look. The twins love it but their funky wall and black toilet paper divides opinion. The male bathroom is a hit.

Jarrod & Madi are second last. Their male ensuite is described as simple and neat by most people. Their lighting divides. To the female bathroom and everyone hates the rug.

Trixie & Johnno’s female bathroom is very impressive to most people, except the twins. The male ensuites steam room is not impressive to the twins.

The next day, it’s all hands on deck for week three’s two rooms. More stress awaits. This week, the twins will be putting a tub in their dressing room. Bec deliberates on the idea of a city-themed wallpaper.

Also, this week, Trixie & Johnno’s kids will be coming to The Block! It’s a tearful reunion.

Meanwhile, we hear about a little alliance between Matt & Kim and Alisa & Lysandra who are now helping each other demolish and set up their rooms for renovation. It’s a wonderful friendship they’ve formed. They party into the night, and the party noise apparently goes right up the lift well, annoying the other contestants. Apparently, the other contestants also heard Matt, Kim, Alisa and Lysandra bitch about them, especially Bec. No one is going to say exactly what was said.

The next day, Alisa and Lysandra keep changing the base for their bath. Shiran, their builder, doesn’t think it will work as the glass on the bath is too heavy.

The end of the episode is an explanation of the state of play- it’s level 1 & 2 vs. level 3, 4 & 5.


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