The Block Sky High Season Six – Kitchen week reveal

The Block Sky High Season Six – Kitchen week reveal

This week the contestants have to deliver three rooms can they do it?

With 24 hours to go it’s all hands on deck on all floors that even the trades turned up early to help out. Jarrod and Madi are going to have a late night painting. On level five someone accidentally dropped a hammer and broke the floor heating.  The twins think they have the wrong flooring so they may have to rip it up. Jhonno has discovered another hole in his flooring so things aren’t going well.

The twins splashback has arrived and the girl’s arnt happy as the mirrors aren’t what they expected. Due to being in a kitchen the glass needs to be stronger. They don’t like it at all and even considering taking it out of their room as it’s not what they wanted. While Bec and George love theirs, the twins wouldn’t want to deliver it. They eventually decide to keep it the flooring is what they ordered. Jhonno and Trixie want their sheet back but matt has used it as a drop sheet and it’s not exactly clean.

Jhonno and Trixie get their floor fixed so they can continue while the girl’s concrete bench tops have arrived so they are excited. The block is split but they don’t like the fact that the sisters have won so much cash but the bench tops are in and look amazing. Keith has taken the photos to Jhonno and Trixie and that is their expensive sheet and it is so Jhonno and Keith both go to get it back matt cleans and delivers it with an insincere apology.

As night falls all teams are painting and to keep themselves awake the crew on level 3 give us some dodgy singing and dancing.

Morning has arrived and al teams are working putting the finish touches on their three rooms. Matt and kids flooring isn’t completely finished but  that’s the least of their problems all their shopping has disappeared and it can’t be found Keith is on a mission and goes to Myer to get it all fixed and personally delivered.

As the final hour kicks off all teams work really fast and as always finish just in time. Now the judging begins.

First up are Trixie and Jhonno. The judges call it exceptionally gobsmacking and feel like they are in the penthouse now. The fridge is huge the judges love the finish and how the tiles are linked in with the bathroom. Neale loves the fact that they can prepare food out of the way and they have a lot of storage. Darren loves the tap on the sink. The bar is loved because it has ample space and the fact it’s also a decent sized office.

Madi and Jarrod are next Shaynna says it feels homely she also love the flooring and colour palate. Neale loves the stools and the range hood is praised. Neale calls it a clever design they love the laundry.

Bec and George Neale calls it bright and everyone will want to buy it. Shaynna likes the fact that the range hood will disappear as the splashback will reflect the view Darren says they have chosen well. They love the pantry and bar and the fact they  have ample storage.

Matt and Kim is next the feature wall and the light is stunning. Shaynna feels like she is in a show room Neale disagrees and likes the look of it. They both agree that it will get trashed quickly. Neale loves the design though. They love the cabinetry. They love the high gloss. The pantry is functional but it will polarise the market. They love the wine storage and they need to be commended for the bold choices \ Darren says.

The twins are last. Shaynna loves the bench top Neale calls it stunning and it’s a cook’s kitchen.  The pantry is loved Darrin says they have gone all out on the budget and it’s insane. They love the fact they got their office with loads of story all up it exceptional.

Matt and Kim are dressed up as brides this is hilarious. They have come up with a new concept that the winning team will pick an outfit for second place. The teams also have earned another star.

Here are their scores. The scores go from Darren, Shaynna and Neale for each contestant.

TRIXIE & JOHNNO: 9.5, 9, 10 = 28.5

MADI & JARROD: 9.5, 8, .9 = 26.5

BEC & GEORGE: 9, 8.5, 9.5 = 27

KIM & MATT: 9, 7.5, 8.5 = 25

ALISA & LYSANDRA: 9.5 9, 9.5 = 28

With this Trixie and Jhonno win $10,000 and next week is living and dining room week.