MasterChef Australia Season Five: Kids Week Begins

With the battle of the sexes done it’s time for a new theme week but before that it’s time to dismantle the teams.

We arrive at the house to see the girls picking the house rules for the week. It’s quite funny stuff. Soon enough the white aprons arrive which means it’s now every person for themselves.

When they arrive in the kitchen everyone’s excited to be back and we see lunch boxes on their benches.

Gary welcomes them back and lets us know that Christina isn’t feeling well so she won’t take part today. This week is kids week so the dishes shouldn’t be boring. Pip is worried her family doesn’t have young children. Samira and Kelty are in their element.

Today the contestants must make a beautiful dish from what’s in the lunchboxes. Lucy went to boarding school so she never had a pack lunch and she’s shocked by what’s inside. The contestants were given carrot and celery sticks, hummus, cheese and rice crackers, an apple, a plum, a box of sultanas, chicken sandwich on white bread with lettuce, an Anzac biscuit, choc chip cookie, yoghurt and an orange juice box. They have 60 minutes to make the best dish they can using these ingredients. The judges will only select the six most appealing dishes to taste and choose the Dish Of The Day they also have a few pantry basics under their benches and can swap ingredients if need be. The winner will get an advantage for the invention test later.

Everyone is off and swapping. Clarissa needs an extra jam sandwich but no one can help her. Lucy gets extra raisins for her ecceles cake filled with apples and raisins. Kelty is doing a savoury chicken quiche which his kids love. Samira is making chicken puffs and Pip is making bread and butter pudding. With half an hour to go Andrew is making a crumble with the chocolate chips from the biscuits being used in a yoghurt sauce. Noelene is making an apple and plum crumble with French toast as well. She thinks she can do two of them but when Matt talks with her she has changed her mind and is just doing the crumble now.

Faiza is doing a garlic and zesty lemon chicken in a parata which Neha is also making. Lucy’s cake needs 12 minutes to cook but she put it in with only 10 minutes to go so she turns it up. Noelene only has two eggs to make her custard but she’s going to take the risk and make it.

Andrews excited by his crumble with only seconds left everyone just plates up. So who’s will they taste? First up is Pip’s bread and butter pudding which the judges say is a delicious combination. Lucy’s ecceles cakes are well done. Andrew and Noelene who both made crumbles are selected next. First up is Noelene and her fruit choc chip crumble. The judges note that the custard is too runny. Andrew’s fruit crumble served with his chocolate yoghurt sauce is next and gets a big tick from the judges. Samira and Kelty are the last two dishes to be picked. Kelty’s chicken quiche is beautiful while Samira’s chicken puffs are loved.

The winner of the challenge is Lucy who gets to pick the key ingredient for the invention test. Her three options are brought in by children and her options are liver, Brussels sprouts and anchovies. The objective is turn the chosen ingredient into something kids will love and this time the contestants’ dishes will be judged by the children. The best five dishes will go into an immunity challenge tomorrow. Lucy will only cook against 9 other people. Not only does she get to pick the contestants, she will also choose who cooks with what ingredient. Lucy has a strategy so cooking with liver will be Kelty, Rishi and Clarissa. Cooking with the sprouts will be Emma, Noelene and Neha. Cooking with the anchovies will be Jules, Pip and Lynton. Lucy is also cooking with the anchovies. They have one hour to cook the dish.

Neha who has never eaten Brussels sprouts will be cooking chicken spring rolls. Clarissa will be making liver with honey gravy and the perfect mash. But she’s still serving it as liver. Lynton who chops very fast is making his own croquets but calling them cheesy fish sticks. Gorge reminds him that anchovies are salter when you fry them he still thinks it is going to work. Kelty is making a liver san choy bow with crunchy potato chips. He is very nervous but he’s using lots of veggies and hoping the chips will convince them to try it.

Clarissa is looking a little flusted with 30 minutes to go and the contestants above are glad that she is doing so badly. Lucy is making gnocchi with a tomato sauce with 1 and a half anchovies. George is worried that it isn’t enough but Lucy says it is quite strong. Rishi is making a deep fried liver ball that the kids can dip into a satay sauce and crushed peanuts. He’s hoping that the fun aspect will take out the fact their eating liver. Rishi is frying his balls while Vern is stirring Lucy up for not picking him.

With 15 minutes Noelene is making meatballs however so they weren’t too mushy she added them to the sauce and it is very noticeable. Emma is making croquet with aioli. She is unsure about what kids like as a sauce so she’s unsure about her use of garlic.

Pip on the other hand is making a Hawaiian pizza. With 3 minutes to go everyone is plating up. Rishi thinks he has done enough but will they be? Clarissa is regretting her dish but it’s too late now it’s time to taste.

First up are the Brussels sprouts crew. Emma’s jumbo popcorn balls are instantly loved. Neha’s chicken spring rolls are a hit, while Noelene’s meatballs aren’t very well received.

The livers are up next. The kids like the look of the boys’ dishes but they are unsure about Clarissa’s mash idea. Rishi’s liver lollypops are a treat and work well, Kelty’s san choy bow story helps sell the kids. Clarissa’s dish isn’t liked however there are some positives with the kids liking the gravy and mash.

Anchovies are last to be tasted. Lynton’s cheesy fish sticks are a little salty because one kid slightly over dipped but they still loved it. Pip’s pizza is a little crunchy. Jules’ spaghetti bolognaise got a mixed reaction with the girls not liking it but the boy does. Lucy cooked gnocchi with tomato sauce and the kids love it but they can’t taste the anchovies.

The 5 best dishes and going through for a chance at immunity are Lynton, Neha, Kelty, Emma and Rishi. Lucy’s plan didn’t work and admits she underestimated Rishi and she won’t do that again.


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