The Block: Sky High Season 6 – Double Ensuite Week Begins

The Block: Sky High Season 6 – Double Ensuite Week Begins

It’s promised to be the ‘scandal week’, so I’m interested in finding out how the contestants are going to cope with renovating two ensuite bedrooms!

On the way home from judging, Kim & Matt contemplate throwing bricks at Neale’s house after his criticism. They’re off home to see each other’s rooms. First off, they see Bec & George’s room. They find it conservative and, obviously, people find little flaws over it. Alicia, Lysandra, Trixie and Johnno are blown away that they won without a finished bathroom.

Johnno and Trixie’s penthouse is next. Bec & George like the room, as do Alicia and Lysandra who all disagree with Shaynna’s comment that they needed to take things away from the room. Bec & George are also impressed with the bathroom, calling it nicer than theirs.

To Madi and Jarrod’s room. The judges called it unoriginal and ‘done before’, but the contestants all disagree. Some of them think it’s their favourite room.

To Alicia and Lysandra’s room. Madi finds things they could bring out of the room, but most contestants disagree with the judges yet again. Bec & George love the bathroom but Trixie finds problems with the vanity.

To the most controversial room, Matt & Kim’s. Trixie and Johnno acknowledge that their kids would love it. Alisa and Lysandra pull a Neale and compare it to a crime scene. They also don’t like the use of their bathroom space.

Overall, the contestants are confused as to why Bec & George won.

The next day, week two begins on The Block. Trixie is still upset over her room loss. She goes to a park and balls her eyes out over a phone call home. She really wants to be happy for the camera. Meanwhile, Matt & Kim are also still pissed off at the judges. Alisa and Lysandra don’t believe you should be down over losing a room reveal.

They now begin on their his/her ensuite bathrooms. Keith believes that the job of renovating two bathrooms in one week is near impossible. Stegbar is already there to measure up and some of the contestants aren’t ready.

Looks like decisions are going to have to be made quickly. Their decisions will affect their renovations down the track.

Matt & Kim head off for their plumbing supplies already. They’re ahead of the pack…for now! They argue over design ideas for their bathrooms. It seems Matt’s catchphrase will be ‘we’re behind’. Soon, all contestants are out and about. Bec seems to be ranting about everything. Tensions are rising!

Trixie is still annoyed about the room reveal loss and believes it is impacting on her design decisions. Back at The Block, Kim begins manual labour as Matt makes calls…conventional!

Bec wants to call a meeting about people taking the cars but not filling up petrol. They agree to fill up all cars at the end of each day. It’s all smiles for now.

Meanwhile, Lysandra and Alisa want to change one bathroom into a steam room. We’ve heard it there first apparently. It’s supposed to be top secret, but Trixie’s sparkie overhears the plans and instead of telling Trixie straight out that it’s Alisa and Lysandra’s idea, he just tells them that they should do it- because it’s a good idea. So now Trixie and Johnno go out to find steam rooms oblivious to the fact the twins are doing the same thing, thinking it is their secret, unique plan.

This is going to cause some controversy!



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