House Rules Season One – First House Reveal

It’s been a hard and tough first week for these contestants. For some, it was their first time renovating a house. But tonight, all that hard work and dedication will pay off. Who will do the best? What will the house look like? And will Jemma and Ben like what they see?

With less than a day left, contestants are scrambling to get their rooms finished. Meanwhile, Amy and Sean still can’t find the back of their cupboard, which was a problem in the last episode, but there’s not much they can do. They have to get on with the job.

Meanwhile, a feud continues between the brothers and Michelle. Their quirky one-liners seem to now be a thing for this show. Back to Amy & Sean, they’re still in the real world with real problems- their front door has now been cancelled, and they need to find a new one.

Jemma & Ben are now on their way back. Luckily, Sean finds a door that can be delivered in 45 minutes.

Michelle and Steve now start putting up some NYC wallpaper knowing Jemma and Ben got engaged there. To Jane and Plinio and panic stations are go when they find out their shower screen hasn’t been installed. With only two hours to go, there’s not much time left to find a glazier.

She tries to find a tradie who can do it, but no one is going to help. Maybe it has to do with her booking all the tradies for her room previously.

Meanwhile, Carolyn is concerned Amy’s beauty room will not have the sparkling design it needs to have. Amy changes her tact from just a plain white wall and goes buy some paint.

Now, teams begin putting the finishing touches on their zones. Only an hour to go. Johanna comes on site to crack the whip.

Meanwhile, Jane finds tradies to put her shower screen up, but in the end, it’s too big for the space.

Now, the clean-up begins as the clock ticks down. Luckily, Jane’s shower screen is cut and fitted in time.

In no time at all, the buzzer sounds. It’s all over.

Now, the judges come in. Joe Snell and Wendy Moore are the guys for this job. First up, Nick and Chris. The judges love the blue walls. They’re impressed with the fridge but they don’t like the functionality of the doors. The dining table is a hit but they see some unfinished corners.

To Michelle and Steve.  Wendy wanted more space on the entertainment unit and she doesn’t like the ‘height’. Joe doesn’t think the shag rug is generous enough. Wendy loves the wallpaper but she doesn’t like the bedside lights. Joe likes the clear idea, saying the room works.

Jane & Plinio are next for the judges. Joe likes the vanity of the bathroom and they both call the pendant light ‘cool’. They don’t like the height of the shower. Wendy doesn’t think they’ve thought about the laundry space enough. She doesn’t like the size of the sink.

To Amy and Sean. This should be interesting. Joe likes the colour scheme but Wendy doesn’t think they’ve done anything spectacular. They like the storage of the entrance hallway. They notice the slope of the shelves. They don’t like the execution of that wardrobe.

Carly & Leighton are next to be judged. Wendy loves the feature wall. They love the walk in wardrobe. They are in love with the LED shower light and the tiling in the ensuite.

On the whole house, they believe it is a huge improvement on what it was.

After the break, the contestants head into Home Base where Johanna says the winning team will get an advantage in the next renovation. The losing team will also get something. It won’t be good. Johanna now reads out the scores for each team.

NICK & CHRIS: 6 (Wendy), 7 (Joe)

MICHELLE & STEVE: 6 (Wendy), 6 (Joe)

JANE & PLINIO: 6 (Wendy), 7 (Joe)

AMY & SEAN: 4 (Wendy), 3 (Joe)

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 9 (Wendy), 8 (Joe)

The leaderboard now looks like this:






But Jemma and Ben need to give out their scores! The contestants are able to watch Jemma and Ben tour their house. They love the kitchen, but not the blue wall. They’re split on the cushions in the living room but they love the chandelier light above the funky chair. They love the NY wallpaper in the bedroom, but not the lamps.

They don’t like the bathroom light, but they love the massive sink in the laundry. They love Carly & Leighton’s bedroom. They’ve made Ben love wallpaper. They’re wowed by the ensuite. They love the cupboards in the hallway but not the shelves. They noticed the backless wardrobe.

Jemma doesn’t like the pink in the beauty room but not the tiles. They like the blinds in the room…until they fall down.

Jemma and Ben then enter the room to give their scores. Here they are:






Final scores are:





AMY & SEAN: 10

Carly & Leighton will get an advantage with Amy & Sean getting a disadvantage.

The next house to be renovated will belong to…Jane & Plinio!