The Block Sky High Matt and Kim Return

The Block Sky High Matt and Kim Return

How will Matt and Kim’s return affect the group dynamics?

Matt and Kim had an enjoyable time away but it’s now all hands on deck. With a no tools George thinks he is limited into what he can do on the brick wall. But Keith has a solution to use a normal drill to complete the brickwork. Matt is keen to get started and Keith sets him the task of making George move faster once he returns from his morning coffee with Jarrod.

Madi has struggled to find her place this week so Trixie sits Madi down for a chat. They have a discussion over how the team work has been going and both concede it hasn’t gone as well as they expected. They seem to put Madi in charge of the foyer as Trixie does a lot upstairs. We also discover that Alisa was told by Trixie to spend the day with her family. Madi think that George will have a problem but he doesn’t. All teams clean the rooftop including Keith. With the roof clear Madi talks to Bec about Alisa spending time with her family as Lysandra took Madi took her comment out of context she says that gorge should get some time off too.

With their coffee hit and rooftop clean the boys get started on the brick wall. As part of getting an 8th energy star rating the block will have 26 vertical gardens around the outside and they are going up with no problem today,

Madi is concerned about the lighting in the foyer. She asks if everyone’s ok with one down light but discussion quickly turns to artwork for the foyer without a decision being made making Madi upset because she thinks no one is listening. Bec thinks she’s felling out of her depth Alisa say they may need to get Trixie to take over. Madi is over she doesn’t want to make those decision as she doesn’t think she is competent enough to do it given she won the least room. Bec manages to give her a hug and some advice and they work on gorges wall together.

Matt and Kim give Keith a shirt with pink flowers on the front it’s even got   foreman on the front. We see him do a small strut on the catwalk poses. Trixie is given Keith’s blue jacket for the day and everyone sets to painting the roof. Madi however has decided it’s time to pay back matt and Kim for making her camp a few weeks ago so she is hiding alarm clocks in their apartment. Alisa is in charge of organising the BBQ however she is just about to leave for some family time. As a result Trixie is left with a diagram to show the builders who turn out to be Rod and Tania from block 2011

As night falls the alarm clocks go off at midnight and it wasn’t found to be amusing as today is challenge day. Today the contestants will design a space from a chosen decade this includes accessories and colour. They will be judged by Anton the director of Great Dane furniture. They will be judged on the authenticity and how much it emulates that period. The winners of the challenge will get $5000 and advice from Judge Neale Whitaker who will tell them how to improve their apartment before the open for inspections.

To decide who gets what decade each team will open a time capsule with a relic inside. Here is a list of who got what decade.

Bec and George get a 60’s radio

Madi and Jarrod 1930’s lamp

Jhonno and Trixie 1950’s ceramics

Alisa and Lysandra 70’s phone

Matt and Kim 1980’s kettle

With that the challenge begins and everyone’s gong shopping. Madi and Jarrod can’t find any furniture. They also go looking for rugs. Trixie is in her element Bec and George are going for a classy look. The twins consider the 70’s ugly but decide to go classy. Matt and Kim are transforming themselves to look the part. They manage to find some awesome stuff.

With everyone back on site Trixie and Jhonno mange to get some wallpaper specially created. As teams move furniture and paint, Madi isn’t sure about her red chair. Everyone is excited by their efforts.

The teams will be judged by Neale and Anton first up is the twins and their 1970’s look. Neale says it’s authentic with the colours and essence.

Matt and Kim are described as horrible but that is how it’s surpassed to be. It’s on the money as Neale connects the colour of the vase. Neale says they did a good job.

Bec and George give us a snapshot of the early 60’s it feels cool. The art is perfect and they have also done a good job.

Madi and Jarrod’s pieces are spot on. It is very cramped and they did well.

Trixie and Jhonno Neale love how it was interpreted. They all did a good job but Alisa and Lysandra will be having breakfast with Neale and getting design and advice


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    Hey, can you remember or know where Matt and Kim went for all their 80s stuff?

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