MasterChef Australia Season Five: Elimination Looms For Another Contestant

MasterChef Australia Season Five: Elimination Looms For Another Contestant

It’s the end of heaven and hell week and almost the end for one contestant’s journey. Who will it be?

Yesterday’s blue team head into the kitchen to find out what their challenge will be. Well, it’s simple; they can cook whatever they want in 2 hours with an open pantry. Kelty decides to spend the first few minutes creating a shopping list. The rest seem to know what they need. Today, they have to create a dish that expresses themselves. Liliana is making his son’s birthday cake! Neha is making a ‘thali’, an assortment plate which includes raita and pappadums and topped with a lemon sharbat, which the judges thought she could drop. She does not. Noelene is cooking a flipping pig’s head!

She is pushing herself today because this dish usually takes three hours. Kelty is creating a prawn ravioli and seafood bisk. Samira is doing a ‘mezze’ which is another ‘assortment’ type breakfast dish.

30 minutes are now up and they have an hour and a half left. Lucy is doing a braised red cabbage with roast pork and some veggies. Jules is doing a curry ayam.

The contestants seem to revel in this challenge as they all seem to find small side-dishes they can make, such as Samira’s pita bread and Jules’ rota.

Soon, Noelene breaks down as she contemplates her dish not cooking in time. Liliana’s cake is also taking a long time. Lucy is nervous her pork won’t crackle. Luckily, it does. But will Noelene’s pig’s head crackle? Not just yet. Hopefully that changes. Five minutes remain.

Liliana now begins icing her massive cake. It’s a toughie to assemble. Neha’s curry is ready to be served. She is nervous as Samira’s similar dish looks better. Two minutes now remain. Kelty is now plating…but he has to replate due to initial plating issues. But where is Noelene? Only one minute remains now!

She gets her pig out and crackle has formed. But is it cooked properly? When time is up, everyone’s effort looks good. It’s time to taste.

Kelty’s ravioli is first and the judges love it hands down. Lucy’s ‘Sunday Lunch’ roast pork is next to the table. The crackling is amazing and Gary calls it the ‘best he’s had on the show’. Matt says it is better than his mother’s roast pork.

Noelene is next up with her pork head. While Gary doubted the time it took to cook, she nailed it by the narrowest of margins. Neha’s Thali is next. Another delicious dish. George calls the sharbat ‘very modern’.

Jules’ Kari Ayam is up next for the taste. George calls it the best curry he’s ever eaten. Gosh, will ANYONE give them a reason to eliminate them tonight?

Samira’s Mezze platter is next. She does her family proud. OK, Liliana is next with her cake. Will this be the dish to send her home? She doesn’t hold high hopes for it but boy does it look good! The judges love it but it doesn’t prove that she is a great chef and hence she will be going home.

It’s so sad when people go home on great dishes, this is just one of them.


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