The Block Sky High foyer choices end in Disaster

The Block Sky High foyer choices end in Disaster

Its foyer week on The Block and things isn’t going to end well when Keith chucks a curveball.

After a win last night Kim and Alisa went out on the town and are now feeling ill seems Madi and Jarrod still haven’t solved their issues with Jarrod going to bed without helping make any decisions. Bec and George are also struggling making choices as well and wishes for a challenge.

Well as it turns Scotty has one for them. Former Block contestants Mike and Andrew who now run their own DIY billy carts

Today the contestants are making their own billy carts. The designs of which must be in the house colours. They have 2 hours   to design and build the billy cart without the instructions. The best designed cart will win a very much needed $2000

While the teams are on route to Block HQ the couples are discussing design but Madi and Jarrod are arguing because she wants his ideas and to help him but he’s not communicating well.

The teams start putting their carts together. Most teams struggle to do it Madi even puts the wheels where the brake goes. The twins do it the right way. With 1 hour to go all teams is going shopping. The twins decide to do their cart as a police car. Jarrod instead of helping get timber decides to pull a splinter out of his leg while shopping. With 30 minutes left all teams are designing their carts. Both Jhonno and matt are putting fins on their carts. Scotty helps Matt use the jigsaw effectively.

Jhonno has decided to paint the whole cart much to Trixie’s worry that they won’t finish on time. Jhonno suggests that she helps paint Trixie was about to offer to do that but Jhonno can be a bit anal when it comes to putting colours on things. In the end though they do end up working on it together. All teams manage to complete the task just in time

The twins are first to be judged with their police car. They call it fantastic and are proud that it has a safety harness. Matt and Kim’s yellow fever is next up to be judged and they love the thing on the front. Bec and gorge created Sargent speed in green. They love it and say it’s executed perfectly,

Madi and Jarrod’s are loved as well and it’s called a very good job.

Trixie and Johnno’s is very good and they love the gold rims on it.

Trixie and Jhonno win the $2000 dollars on offer for best designed cart.

Now that they have made the cart Scotty decides to race them. The team that comes first will win $2000. On the way down the track teams must pick up cardboard cut-outs of Scotty they will get some prizes

Trixie and Jhonno start out strong but Bec has the lead. They ignore the cut-outs and Trixie hits a tree while the twins flip theirs matt has the lead but he’s lost momentum so Jarrod takes the lead and win $2000

The cardboard cut outs are worth a tradie for the day. Madi and Jarrod pick up a plaster. Trixie and Jhonno get an electrician and carpenter Bec gets a tiler and the tins get a plumber.

Jarrod and Madi have ditched their builder due to budget and his wall got put in the wrong spot. Matt and Kim go to pick up their self-commissioned art for the foyer but they are doubting it now due to their style maturing and they are unsure.

Keith has a surprise for all contestants they will be getting an extractor fan on every level through a pipe 300 mill meters from the fire hydrant. Bec is not happy as she was going to do a feature wall.

After consultation from their agent matt and Kim are not going to use the commissioned art piece. Lysandra is feeling sore and needs a massage and she going to get it from a masseuse

Matt feels awful after calling the artist and telling him they won’t use his art. Jhonno and Trixie have to reposition there celling lights due to the extractor fan and he’s not impressed. Trixie is picking a sideboard

The whole block needs to be insulated to achieve the 8 star rating but due to the cabling in the celling Jarrod has only half done it and Keith’s not happy and a solution needs to be found pronto,

The episode ends with some funny but not really needed scenes of Scotty trying to cure George’s tomato phobia.


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