House Rules Season One the Teams Reno their Own houses

House Rules Season One the Teams Reno their Own houses

Last night, the teams lost Jane and Plinio. Now, only 5 remain and they must renovate a zone within 24 hours.

All teams have now returned to their own houses unsure of what lies ahead. The time is on the clock and everyone is let inside. Upon entering, the teams discover a new set of House Rules. The rules are the teams have 24 hours, a budget of $5000, they must only work on one zone and it must reflect their style. Plus, they must stay together at all times much to Michelle’s disappointment. The teams must now pick their zones.

Michelle and Steve pick their Kitchen & Dining Area which was done by Jane and Plinio and was judged the worst. They plan to give it a contemporary beach feel. Jemma and Ben decide to redo their hallways and beauty room. The only thing they will keep is the glass doors on the linen press and the door to the beauty room.

In Queensland, despite the rain, Amy and Sean are taking on the Porch, Entry & Spare Bedroom to turn into a sitting room. They are really hoping to get their balustrades painted and to get a less modern door to fit their house within budget. Steve and Michelle want to change their cupboard doors so that it opens properly but they will have to come from Melbourne.

Nick and Chris will work on improving Nick’s bedroom, centre hall and den. They will change the celling colour in Nick’s room. In the den they will add a couch and some artwork. The boys are deciding whether they should remove the bar and add a linen closet or keep it.

Carly and Leighton will redo their study nook and master bedroom. They are going to rotate their study so they can see out to the park in the bedroom they are going to remove all timber furniture and make it white with a timber feature wall. Due to not having enough time, Carly will get all her stuff delivered.

Steve and Michelle have removed their old tiles and are going to put mosaics on the wall. The boys have decided to remove the top cupboards of their bar and turn that into a linen cupboard. Ben and Jemma and Amy and Sean as well as Michelle and Steve are going shopping and they must stick together. Sean has a chance of getting a door while Michelle and Steve are worried because most tiles are reordered. Luckily the shops have exactly what they wanted.

Carly and Leighton have most of their furniture done and delivered but there timber feature wall is of a high priority due to noise restrictions. Amy and Sean have found a new door but Chester and Carolyn don’t think it’s a smart idea and Amy and Sean are stressed thinking they took too much on.

Leighton has managed to complete his work before noise restrictions kick in. as night kicks in Amy and Sean’s door has arrived. With only 12 hours left nick and Chris work on painting their ceiling white. Jemma has painted her beauty room grey so the spray tan won’t show on the walls. Sean has also started painting his railing white but it’s raining. Ben has not slept and he’s putting a set of flat packs together.

With 6 hours left, Steve and Michelle hang wallpaper of Waikiki Beach in their kitchen. With only 3 hours left, Steve and Michelle are still waiting for their cupboards to arrive. Leighton has to fix the hole in the floor and general touch ups.

Jemma and Ben have yet to do their hallway but the pendant lighting has arrived. The boys in Melbourne have yet to dress the study because the desk hasn’t left the show room. Amy and Sean have installed their door so they go shopping to get pot plants. Ben and Jemma have to pay their electriciton but they are $240 short so to stay under budget they must return things.

With 9 minutes left all teams are on a last minute clean up. Jemma and Ben have yet to wallpaper but time is up and everyone’s exhausted. Back at home base the judges have assessed everyone’s work

First up are Jemma and Ben. They loved the wall as it shows how far they have come. They were also impressed by the linen cupboard flat pack. In the beauty room, the judges think the spray tan glass should have been more supported. They love the colour of the room as well saying it has texture. Wendy gave them an 8, Joe a 7, giving them a total of 15.

Michelle and Steve are next. Wendy says they made a nice change and calls it brave. Wendy checks the pantry and is surprised that it hasn’t changed as it’s a real problem. They are excited by the picture of the beach and say they made the space their own.

Wendy gave them a 7 while Joe gives them an 8 giving them a total of 15.

Carly and Leighton are next. Wendy calls it a perfect use of the space and Joe calls it stylish. In the bedroom they love the wall using it as a bed head and it shows real progression. They get 2 9s, placing them on 18.

Next up are Nick and Chris. Wendy says they haven’t changed too much in the room. They find the bar confusing and they are underwhelmed by the changes in the den. They both gave them 6’s, taking them to 12.

Last up is Amy and Sean. The judges like the paint, thinking it’s more welcoming. They also like the guest room. They don’t like the door and say they haven’t thought about their rules. Joe gave them a 6 and Wendy, a 5, giving them 11 points in total.

This means that Amy and Sean will be leaving the competition. Tomorrow, the final 4 will have to do the exteriors in just 3 days and will result in a double elimination.