The Block Reveals the garage spaces

The Block has finished the last rooms for the season but who took out the win.

It’s Saturday morning and there is so much to do as the couples complete their studio and garages – the last official rooms on The Block. The big issues this week is plastering. Luke and Jasmin in House No.4 are furious with their plasterer, who has spread himself too thin and is working with Harry and Tash in House No.1 too. It means they won’t deliver finished spaces.

Jimmy from House No.5 is still upset with Harry and everyone else who thinks he and Tam have the easiest house on The Block, all because their walls were pre-made when they started on The Block. It’s almost as if the other contestants forgot Jimmy & Tam won the house decider challenge.

Harry and Tash only have $20,000 to work with this week but will likely go over budget. They can’t finish their spaces. Their trades are struggling too, including apprentice Oscar who has a down moment. All the Blockheads talk about how much their trades mean to them and how they appreciate their hard work.

Meanwhile for Sarah and George in House No.2, it looks like they will finish, and they are coming home strong. They are loving this moment on The Block.

It’s a long night before tools down, and in the end Harry and Tash, Luke and Jasmin and Daniel and Jade in House No.3 don’t deliver finished spaces.

It’s judging time at Scotty’s HQ.

Harry and Tash House No.1 spent $29,800:  The garage was very basic with just the Tesla power wall electric charger standing out. Heading upstairs the judges sigh as the plastering obviously wasn’t finished. They did like the lovely painting on the wall of the studio space. They felt the kitchen was too big for the studio, and the bench would have been better as a more obvious work from home space. The lighting was also an issue as there was no lights over the kitchen. In the bathroom they loved the tiles, but obviously Harry and Tash struggled as it was half done. They thought the layout was wrong with the toilet and basin in the wrong position.

Score 20/30

Sarah and George House No.2 spent $40,000:  The garage that included storage space was a huge step up from House No.1. The stairwell was finished, and they loved the fact they had a laundry in the cupboard. It was a very well-functioning space and real estate gold according to Darren. The LED lighting in the kitchen was a masterstroke. The bathroom they loved, including the tiling. Lots of love all round from the judges.


Daniel and Jade House No.3 spent $45,500: They loved the Ford Puma parked in the garage. Points to Daniel and Jade for installing a toilet in the garage, perfect as it is near the pool. The studio apartment had a lovely kitchenette, but the judges were perplexed there was no cook top. The TV was a bit overwhelming. They questioned why this was obviously another bedroom – is six bedrooms in one house too much? They should have had a bigger work from home space. Neale said the space had as much personality as the average serviced apartment.

Score 25.5/30

Luke and Jasmin House No.4 spent $42,700: A perfectly laid out garage, Luke and Jasmin have done exactly what they need too. Unfortunately, the stairwell wasn’t finished, but once the judges got up the stairs, they liked what they saw. They thought however it could be styled a bit differently to make it more like a work from home space and not a bedroom. No door in the bathroom was a mistake. As far as execution of the space is concerned, it was obvious to the judges that Luke and Jasmin ran out of time.

Score 25.5/30

Jimmy and Tam House No.5 spent $42,700: The home gym was a hit and a miss with the judges. Neale said while some buyer would love it, others will see it as an eye sore. The judges love the gally style kitchen and the sofa bed was a nice touch. This could either be a work from home space or a bedroom. Very clever by Jimmy and Tam, as their house needed an office space like this. Their aim was to build a studio space that can be a self-contained hub, and the judges loved it.

Score 29/30