Junior MasterChef Semi final sees a double farewell

Emotions were running high tonight as the talented top five cooks of Junior MasterChef Australia, Carter, Dev, Filo, Georgia and Laura, bravely battled it out in a tough Semi Final, leaving it all on the line in order to secure their place in the Grand Finale. 

With Andy away, it was Mel and Jock who welcomed the excited cooks and announced that today’s challenge was an infamous pressure test set by dessert queen, Kirsten Tibballs.  As she unveiled her intricate lemon meringue tart, comprised of six difficult     and different components, the contestants were both amazed and terrified as they quickly realised that this would be the most complex dish any of them had ever attempted.

The juniors had two and a quarter hours to replicate the dish, and the bottom two dishes would sadly send their makers home.

Georgia revealed she’d done a cooking class with Kirsten Tibballs before, but she was still plagued by self-doubt and really felt the pressure today. Meanwhile, Carter was in trouble from the start after spending too long making his cake layer which saw him immediately fall behind the others.

Filo was really enjoying the cook, while Dev was also doing very well until he cracked a big hole in the base of his tart shell.

Laura was off to a flying start, putting her strategy to go as fast as possible into action. She rushed through her processes in order to make all the components in time, but when she got to the final step of whisking the lemon cream, it split, and she was forced to think quickly to save it.

As the clocked ticked down, it was time to plate up. Laura and Dev were leading the pack, however when Dev moved his tart shell onto the plate, his chocolate crunch fell through the bottom. Laura finished with minutes to spare, but as she looked at the other contestants still plating up, she wondered if she had rushed a step.

As Jock, Melissa and Kirsten began their tasting; Georgia, Carter and Filo impressed the judges by nailing the texture, structure and flavour of the dessert.

Meanwhile, Laura’s pastry was a little too thick, and while her cake and meringue sticks were good, her lemon cream was lacking zesty flavour. And while Dev’s lemon cream and tart shells were good, Jock missed the distinction of the layers in the structure of his cake.

The judges had a very difficult decision to make after a tough tasting, but decided Dev and Laura had a few more issues in their dishes than the others, and they were sent home.

This now leaves Carter, Filo and Georgia as the Top 3 cooks who will progress into the Grand Finale to cook for the title of Junior MasterChef Australia 2020