The Block Pulls into the Validation Station

At the Domain Open For Inspections, the snipes continue from Leah and Ash and Kristy and Brett, mainly aimed at Steph in House No.4.

The word validation is thrown around a lot, as Kristy and Leah think Steph needs it. Steph clarifies that all she wants, and that is especially for Eliza and Liberty, is some positive feedback. She tells Kristy and Brett that what she wants when they go through her and Gian’s finished spaces, is brutal honesty. She certainly gives that when she visits Leah and Ash’s polarising winning living and dining spaces. Steph calls the spaces cold and she hates it.

This week our Blockheads are moving upstairs for the first time in what is a huge week, They have to deliver two spaces –  living and dining and a walk-in wardrobe.

Leah and Ash are attempting to do a very bold curved ceiling. They tell Scotty their plans as they head to Daylesford for their winning getaway. They get a surprise while they are there, $5000 from Arnott’s for getting a ten last week.

Back at The Block, things are deteriorating with Eliza and Liberty and their builder Mark. There were some abrupt text messages exchanged between the three, with Mark frustrated he wasn’t getting forward plans. Eliza and Liberty are not happy as they think Mark isn’t making that extra effort. As Eliza says, they are zombies and they need some help.

Scotty puts on a BBQ with a surprise special guest, Marty Fox.

The Blockheads don’t give him a warm welcome, but he is all smiles as he visits all the living and dining room spaces.

Eliza and Liberty admit they liked him, despite his sometimes brutal feedback.


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