Coco and Pearls’ glamorous menu backfires

Coco and Pearls’ glamorous menu backfires

Tonight on MKR, feisty friends Coco and Pearls put their differences to bed, laying the red carpet and welcoming guests into their glam and sexy instant restaurant: The Boujee Foodies. But a risqué menu left more than a few red faces at the dinner table.

The guests doubted Coco and Pearls’ ability to work as a team after witnessing a fiery exchange between the friends during the last instant restaurant, when Coco’s promise to score three 10s from the judges did not sit well with Pearls.

Tension started to simmer in the kitchen while cooking their entrée of Champagne Pasta Roses, when Coco realised they were missing their timer. After a small argument, they decided to proceed without timing the dish. 

As the critiques came in, their hopes to serve a perfect entrée crashed: the pasta was raw. 

The dish piqued Manu’s interest but he questioned why they would take a risk on something they hadn’t cooked before, calling the pasta a fail.

Colin was also left unimpressed and said the team went for style over substance: “A rose is something that blossoms. This is a rose bulb.”

Sonia and Marcus, who were at the bottom of the leaderboard, beamed: ”There is definitely hope for us because that wasn’t a great entrée.”

Back in the kitchen, Coco tried to shake off the disappointment of their entrée and focus on the main, but the pressure got to Pearls after a lacklustre critique.

Despite a stressful cook, the judges were happy with the team’s main of Crispy Pork Belly with Braised Red Cabbage and Mash.

Colin thought the dish was a step up from their entrée and had much better flavours, but admitted the stress found its way on the plate.

Confident from the judges’ feedback on their main, the team served their desert – Coco Pearls – with a bit of theatrics and blindfolds. “It was like a very Coco and Pearls moment, very glamorous, little bit raunchy, a little bit sexy, a little bit 50 shades,” said Rachel.

The guest teams did their best to enjoy the mysterious dessert, but some found it inedible. “I think it wasn’t easy to eat. I don’t wanna use the word slop, but like just tasted like one big overly sweet goop,” said Marcus.

Manu criticised the team for their size of dessert, saying it was really heavy, sticky and not very pleasant. Colin thought the blindfold added a bit of fun to the evening, but the actual dish was a mess.

Two disappointing dishes later, the friends found themselves on the wrong end of the leaderboard with a combined score of 50, a far cry from the three 10s Coco promised.


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