The Block delivers stunning Kitchen reveals

The Block delivers stunning Kitchen reveals

It’s 24 hours to kitchen reveals and Rachel in House No.2 can’t seem to shake her negative attitude. She feels the whole Block is against her and her husband Ryan. Keith gives her a pep-talk and she gets back to work. She feels Ankur and Sharon are getting special treatment.

Dylan and Jenny are extending their kitchen Island into what would be the living and dining room space so they have an issue. They have to find more gyprock for the roof otherwise it won’t look finished for the judges.

Oz’s wife Jasmine and their three boys arrive to surprise him on The Block and he can’t get the smile off his face.

Tom and Sarah-Jane sit down at the McCafe and read an article that appeared in the Daily Telegraph about the supposedly terrible and inhumane conditions on The Block. A “source” told the newspaper one contestant is crying every day, there is not enough food and water and they are eating apples and muesli bars.  They read the article as they eat McDonalds.

Another issue for Rachel, their Ceaserstone kitchen bench isn’t the right measurements and it doesn’t come until very late on Friday night.

After a huge week, Scotty calls tools down and it’s judging time.

Tom and Sarah Jane spent $31,956: A stunning kitchen all three judges loved it. It was pure luxury according to Neale. Amazing styling and pretty much perfect. 

Score 30/30

Rachel and Ryan spent $20,358: The judges thought it lacked soul and weren’t fans at all. They hated the pendant light.  The functionality was good but that’s about it. Very clinical.

Score 24/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $25,352:  Not a bad week from House No.3. They loved the drama of the black colour palette and the huge kitchen island bench. Shaynna didn’t love the styling but a good effort overall.


Dylan and Jenny spent $24,322:  The judges thought it was stunning, a terrific job. The all-important emotional connection was there this week for Dylan and Jenny. The judges think this is their best room yet.

Score 28.5/30

Omar and Oz spent $30,492:  OH MY GOD Darren said. The timber roof was spectacular. The sink amazing. The bar area – incredible. The judges thought the kitchen oozed drama. Shaynna was worried about their budget, how are they affording everything?

Score 28.5/30

The winner is ….. again, Tom and Sarah-Jane with a perfect score of 30.


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