Competitive Lawyer Cousins Crumble At Speed Bump.

Competitive Lawyer Cousins Crumble At Speed Bump.

Heading to Bogota in Colombia, Lawyer Cousins Kathy and Chace and Baru Mates Stuart and Glennon were back from their stint in quarantine and ready to race.

Absolutely nailing the selfie challenge with local graffiti art, Angel and Frankie were back in first place and headed for the Detour of playing polo on a bike.

Scoring a goal way ahead of the other Teams, they were off again to throw metal discs at gunpowder packets in a Colombian national pastime called Tejo.

With an outstanding lead, Angel and Frankie were off again, this time to the market to purchase local herbs to make a nice, sleep tight tea. Catch was, the market was closed so they had to wait for it open, allowing other teams to catch up.

Kathy and Chace hit their gunpowder target on their first try, received their clue and were greeted with the news there was a Speed Bump for themselves and Stuart and Glennon waiting for them after the market challenge.

Heath and Toni ran into a speed bump of their own when their cabbie decided to drive over a bollard and getting a flat tyre in the process. Deciding to leg it through dark streets, they eventually arrived at the market realising they weren’t in last place.

Once the Teams had weighed their herbs, they were on to the Pit Stop, unless you were returning teams who then headed back into the market to find additional herbs.

In the end it was a footrace between the returning teams with Kathy and Chace getting eliminated.


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