The Block delivers an exciting Kitchen Reveal

The kitchen really is the heart of the home and all five couples are so invested to win this week on The Block.
All the five kitchens are very different, and both Scotty and Shelley believe they are the best they have ever seen on The Block. All of five of our couples have stand out pieces in the kitchen.

Harry and Tash House No.1: a ducted vacuum system
Sarah and George House No.2: A beautifully handcrafted dolomite stone curved bench
Daniel and Jade House No.3: A handmade Christian Cole curved Island bench that they designed.
Luke and Jasmin House No.4: A curved porta timber wall and curved timber island bend.
Jimmy and Tam House No.5: $120,000 of Gaggenau kitchen appliances.

There is a bit of friction on The Block between Daniel and Jade and Luke and Jasmin, as it is implied Daniel and Jade have a feeling Luke and Jasmin may have copied their curved Island bench. It is very similar. Daniel says the Australian public can decide after watching what unfolded. It comes after Shaynna Blaze confronted Luke and Jasmin about taking too much inspiration from Instagram regarding their kid’s room last week. Luke and Daniel have a bit of a run in and some harsh words, after Daniel got a bit aggressive when Luke went into House No.3 to get his range hood.

After a busy week for everyone it’s tools down and judging time at Scotty’s HQ. Darren, Shaynna and Neale are all excited to check out the kitchens in what is always an exciting week on The Block.

Harry and Tash House No.1 spent $23,474.23: The big feature for Harry and Tash is an amazing 4.3-metre-long island bench and the judges immediately are in love with it. Neale thinks what they have delivered is the perfect kitchen for 2020. Lots of points of luxury, including the timber floor Shaynna points out. Darren loves the coffee machine, one of Harry’s favourite things in the house. The Butler’s Pantry they thought was very functional. Nearly the perfect kitchen.

Score 29/30

Sarah and George House No.2 spent $20,860.27: Darren hugged the incredible dolomite stone curved bench. All three judges thought the workmanship on the bench was remarkable. They loved the black and white colour palette of the kitchen. However, they thought the cupboards were too high, as Shaynna can hardly reach the first shelve. Shaynna thought the layout of the kitchen was great. In the Butler’s Pantry they were all very impressed with the electronic Louvre glass window cabinet. Neale described Sarah and George’s effort as a ‘forever kitchen.”

Score 28/30

Daniel and Jade House No.3 spent $16,284.70: As well as the money they spent, Daniel and Jade used their Suncorp Game Changer this week, given $10,000 for their amazing Christian Cole handmade curved kitchen Island bench. The judges thought it was literally a work of art and a beautiful nod to the 1930s art deco era. Darren wasn’t however sold on the lighting in the kitchen. In the Butler’s Pantry, they were impressed with the oven and the space – it’s almost like a whole extra kitchen. The execution as always by Daniel and Jade was spot on.

Score 29.5/30

Luke and Jasmin House No.4 spent $22,922.13: The judges were immediately impressed with the porta timber curved wall, which Luke and Jasmin think will be one of the statement pieces of their entire home. Neale thinks it will actually set trends. They all thought the kitchen had a beautiful warmth about it. Shaynna did however think there should have been just a single sink and there was a lack of power points. They loved the Butler’s Pantry but perhaps not the baskets. But the judges were nit picking, overall another stunning kitchen.

Score 28/30

Jimmy and Tam House No.5 spent $31,316.36: Another truly remarkable effort by the Brisbane couple. It shouldn’t work, but the mint green and dark charcoal colour palette is amazing. Neale called it a truly bespoke kitchen. The Gaggenau appliances incredible. Both the kitchen and Butler’s Pantry very functional. The only criticism really was the height of the stools. Another very big week for Jimmy and Tam.

Score 29/30

Daniel and Jade finally have a room reveal win after using their extra gnome point to take it out