The Bachelorette Australia reveals The Bachelors

The Bachelorette Australia reveals The Bachelors

In a world-first, The Bachelorette Australia will take viewers on a magical journey of romance and discovery, as sisters and best friends Elly and Becky Miles search for ever-lasting love when The Bachelorette Australia premieres this week. 

These warm, caring and beautiful women are looking for a partner, a soulmate and a true love that they can share their lives with. And in just three days, Elly and Becky’s lives will change forever when they meet 20 handsome and accomplished men.

Hailing from Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Italy, England and of course Australia, and aged between 24 and 35 years of age, these eligible Bachelors have been busy establishing businesses, searching for gold, handling explosives, building and valuing properties, filmmaking and personal training. And now, they’re ready to put love first.  

The Bachelors representing NSW in their hunt for love will be Joe, Nick, Pascal, Rudy, Sam, Samuel and Shannon.

When asked what he was looking for in his perfect partner, Mr Polynesia Australia 2017, Shannon said: “Family oriented, affectionate, loving and supportive.”

Victoria’s dynamic duo are Agostino and Damien.

Charismatic Damien describes himself as “honest, fun and reliable” and is hoping that by just being himself, he will catch the eye of Bachelorette’s Elly and Becky.

From Queensland there are AB, Adrian, Frazer and James.

The Sunshine Coast’s James reveals his dream date would be filled with “laughter, good food and a great first kiss”.

Representing South Australia are Andrew, Harry, Pete and Saj.

Saj, a positive and passionate personal trainer, doesn’t believe in love at first sight as “there is more to a person than their beauty”.

And from Western Australia are Adam, Jake and Trent.

A great conversationist and confident finance broker, Trent has never been on a bad first day and is hoping “being a strong and positive vibe” will make him stand out from the crowd.

It’s on the red carpet where the sisters will meet their potential partners, and this charming and talented group of men will be sure to leave a lasting impression on our Bachelorettes.

So, with double the Bachelorettes, double the dates, double the fun and double the romance, will Elly and Becky finally find their happily ever after? 

The Bachelorette Australia. Premieres Wednesday, 7 October At 7.30pm. On 10