The Biggest Loser Season 8 – Eliminated Contestants Re-Enter the Competition

The Biggest Loser Season 8 – Eliminated Contestants Re-Enter the Competition

With tonight’s weigh in, three couples re-enter the competition with only two surviving the dreaded scales. Who will it be? What will they win? Will King Richard be dethroned?!

Richard is not happy that the pink team have won a weigh in pass. Shannan will be taking the returnees (Black, Red and Pink team) through last chance weigh in. He’s not happy to see the old Kirsten back in the room. Meanwhile, he is stoked with Jess’ improvement since she gave up smoking.

Meanwhile, the current contestants are still bitching about the returnees. However, they have a lot of work ahead of them with Mark and Chris also showing massive improvements in the gym.

Before weigh in, the returnees wish each other luck, knowing one team will be going home!

It’s now time for weigh in. The current contestants are all immune with only the bottom two returnees heading into elimination. They all seem surprised at this news, but I assumed this was old knowledge considering the current contestants were immune and they’d have to eliminate someone.

Richard and Amber are first. If they put on weight, they will be stripped of immunity. Richard and Amber weighed 113.0kg and 95.6kg respectively. They now weigh 110.1kg (2.9kg loss) and 94.4kg (1.2kg loss) respectively. That’s a loss of 4.1kg and 1.97%.

Green team Gerald & Todd are next. Gerald and Todd weighed 123.5kg and 88.4kg respectively. They now weigh 121.3kg and 86.6kg. That’s 4kg down and 1.89% off.

Mandy and Brett weighed 90.9kg and 148.8kg. They now weigh 88.4kg (2.5kg loss) and 145.8kg (3.0kg loss). That’s a total loss of 5.5kg, or 2.29%, putting them first.

Robyn and Katie are next. They weighed 86.8kg and 108.5kg. They now weigh 84.7kg (2.1kg loss) and 106.2kg (2.3kg loss). That’s 4.4kg off with a 2.25% percentage.

Now, it’s time for the returnees.

The first team to face the scales will be Janet and Kirsten. They weighed 86.6kg and 83.4kg respectively. They now weigh 83.1kg (3.5kg loss) and 80.6kg (2.8kg loss). That’s a total loss of 6.3kg, or 3.71%.

Chris and Mark are next up and they need to lose 9.6kg to stay above the yellow line. They weighed 125.6kg and 130.5kg respectively. They now weigh 122.4kg (3.2kg loss) and 126.3kg (4.2kg loss) respectively. That’s a total loss of 7.4kg and 2.89%, putting them below the yellow line.

Sam and Jess are last and must lose 8.5kg to remain above the yellow line. They weighed 108.7kg and 117.8kg respectively. They now weigh 103.5kg (5.2kg loss) and 114.4kg (3.4kg). That’s a total loss of 8.6kg and a percentage loss of 3.80%, sending Janet & Kirsten into the bottom two. They are officially back in the game.

With that, Sam has a clear message for Richard- kings get overthrown.

Mark and Chris try to buy votes by threatening non-allied teams that they’re on the brink of elimination.

It’s now time to vote. The votes are for who the voters want to see BACK IN the game.

Here’s how it went down.

ROBYN: Janet & Kirsten

GERALD: Janet & Kirsten

RICHARD: Janet & Kirsten

With that, Janet & Kirsten will return while Mark & Chris will be going home.