The Biggest Loser: May 5-7

Who will make it to the final six of The Biggest Loser.

Sunday May 3 7:30 PM

Three eliminated teams are back and are all fighting to be one of the two teams to re-enter the

competition for good. As all teams step onto the dreaded scales, two teams’ alliances become tighter than ever. One of the three eliminated teams stuns everyone as The Biggest Losers of the week, grabbing their spot straight back in the competition. The fates of the others now rests with the remaining five teams. Do the teams use their heart or head when considering who to vote back into the game?

Monday May 4 7:30 PM

With the final six teams now set, Hayley reveals the overall leader board and who is sitting on top with the highest weight loss percentage since the start of the competition. Then, the power is handed over to the contestants to pick which trainer they believe will take them through to the finale. With trainers chosen, Shannan takes his two teams into the boxing ring, Michelle does a mini cardio-athalon with her teams, and Commando rips into his two teams out in the duck pond. All get a good taste of life with their dedicated trainer. Later, The Biggest Losers of the competition so far use the power of the fridge and win a makeover. Jealousy from the other teams kicks in as the pair head to the salon and get styled for a completely new look, which is revealed in front of everyone at the house that night.

Tuesday May 5 7:30 PM

All teams head into the challenge fired up for a chance at immunity. The audience is revealed, and it is cardboard cutouts of their former selves. Emotions run high as the contestants realise how obese and unhappy they were. A treadmill challenge faces them and each contestant must wear a weighted vest: the weight of the vest is the same weight as the weight each contestant has lost. With the treadmill inclided on a steep hill, each contestant must walk the treadmill hill, with thE speed increasing every 10 minutes. The last person standing will win immunity for their team.

The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation airs 7.30pm Sunday- Tuesday on Network Ten.


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