The Biggest Loser finally says farewell to Cal

The Biggest Loser finally says farewell to  Cal

Well that was a shocking elimination that will change the game.

Callan Evans, who in a shock twist departed The Biggest Loserhouse after putting on 1.3 kilograms. His weight gain was revealed during a game-changing elimination weigh-in that saw contestants compete as individuals for the first time.

The often outspoken and fiercely competitive contestant often rubbed his fellow contestants the wrong way and was the cause of much tension and friction in The Biggest Loser house when he unapologetically decided to take Temptation’s offer of $30,000 even though it meant denying the town of the money.

As last week’s The Biggest Loser and winner of the Pyramid of Fitness challenge, which crowned him the fittest contestant in the competition, Cal himself was lost for words after finding himself in the elimination room alongside Big Kev, who had also managed to put on weight this week, saying: “I can’t explain it….I’m at a complete loss.” But no one was more disappointed that his trainer Shannan, who said it was the worst result he had seen over the last eight series. Cal admitted to Shannan that he became complacent this week, choosing to sleep-in most days instead of training.

Cal said: “I am pretty shattered [about] being eliminated but I feel I have things under control so when I get home I can continue the journey.” Cal now joins trainer Michelle’s secret red team, alongside previous eliminated contestants. But he won’t have long to wait to unpack his bags, as he is intercepted by Michelle just outside of The Biggest Loser house gates. Michelle and her secret team are back.

The Biggest Loser: Challenge Australia. Continues Wednesdays and Thursdays on TEN at 7.30pm.


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