Neighbours Returns announced for Kennedy’s 20th year

Neighbours Returns announced for Kennedy’s 20th year

Neighbours Producers have announced that they are planning a very special story line to celebrate the 20th year of Karl and Susan Kennedy played by legendary actors Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne. 

To mark the milestone a raft of former characters will return for the event. Among the returns announced today include that of Kym Valentime (Libby Kennedy)  . Kym’s return has been quite a welcome  surprise given recent events which were later resolved.

Neighbours’ Series Producer, Jason Herbison said, “Our script team have been very excited to introduce characters of historical significance in to our current cast and storylines. Last year we saw the introduction the Willis and Turner families with a nod to characters of the early 90’s. “We warmly welcome Kym back to the Neighbours family and we are sure audiences will be excited to see Libby back on Ramsay St.”

Of her return Valentine said, “I’m really looking forward to catching up with old friends at Neighbours as well as getting to know many of the new cast. Playing Libby was a very important part of my life and I can’t wait to re-introduce audiences to her.”

“It’s wonderful to have Kym back for this milestone year for Alan and I, and we’re just lucky the Kennedy’s have that wing of bedrooms that we don’t see to accommodate everyone,” said Jackie Woodburne.

Kym returned to the Neighbours set today with newcomer Felix Mallard who will play her on screen son Ben.

Through out the year viewers can also expect returns from  Matt Werkmeister (Zeke Kinski), Lucinda Armstrong-Hall (Holly Hoyland) and Benjie McNair (Malcolm Kennedy).

Neighbours airs 6:30 PM weeknights on Eleven



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