The Biggest Loser Episode 8 Sydney Kings Training session

Last Night we lost our first team it is now game on!.

The contestants head out of the house after elimination for an off-site activity. No idea what this is. Amber promises to never go under the yellow line again.

The contestants end up at a basketball court where the trainers, oblivious to who’s gone home, are waiting. They are devastated that Sam and Jess are gone. They then move on to a fresh start with a new week and a new training session. Shannan thinks this training session will be a favourite to Brett in particular.

Then, in come the Sydney Kings. Brett describes himself as a ‘kiddy school girl’. The team plan to put them through a few drills today. Their first drill is a simple race. Half of the contestants have to do a wall squat while the other half did the run. The wall squat lasted until their partner returned from their run. It kills them, but it is only the warm up.

They then do a ‘three minute run’ where they have to do as many laps that they can in three minutes. Brett sets himself a goal of fifteen runs, which impresses Shannan as he doesn’t usually set goals.

He runs well, but struggles to finish. Luckily, he just gets there. Shannan is so proud of him and claims he gave one hundred per cent. Brett continues to give just this. Kevin meanwhile doesn’t last long before he hits the ground. Michelle sees that he is struggling and is having trouble.

Yesterday, Michelle accused Kevin of not giving one hundred per cent in nutrition, which he and Rosemary denied. Michelle shows footage to Kevin of him turning food at The Biggest Loser house into junk food-style stuff. He manages to make popcorn chicken!!

The final activity for the training session today is a ten-minute basketball game. They all seem to enjoy it. All of a sudden, Brett takes a pretty heavy tumble. He is yelling in pain. Mark is crying because he feels guilty. The paramedics are needed. It’s the end of Brett for today, but Shannan hopes that whatever Brett got out of this three-minute session, it’s positive motivation for a changed Brett. Brett is then taken to hospital.

Back at Biggest Loser House, and it’s Fridge time! Before we get into it, Hayley tells them all that Brett should be back tomorrow. Now, down to business. As Biggest Losers, Cher and Anita have the power this week. This is the second week in a row they’ve held this power, albeit last week they didn’t win the power on their own accord.

Cher & Anita decide to give the power of The Fridge to another team. They give it to the pink team. So, what’s that power?

They get… A Visitor’s Pass! They get all access visitor pass! But, who is the visitor? Hayley tells them that the ‘visitor’ will fire them up for the rest of the competition.

The next day, the contestants are waiting in the living room. The trainers then come in and ask them if they’re ready for a ‘shake-up’. They’re not. The trainers remind them of the movies they watched last week. You know, the emotionally-charged ones? Yeah, those. Today, they will be taken back to the past to look at some pictures.

Gerald and Todd are first. It’s pictures of…them! When they were younger! We see some pictures of Todd hitting a baseball. It’s obvious he’s a bit too big for it and he talks about the ridicule he faced for it. Gerald talks about his health problems and how they almost lost the house because of it.

Next up is Robyn and Katie. We see a picture of Robyn with her husband. She tears up. Meanwhile, Amber and Richard are looking at their pictures. Richard is noticeably thinner. Afterwards, Mark and Chris look at their photos. Chris wells up.

Anita and Cher look at their photos with the same sort of emotional response. Kevin and Rosemary are next. Mandi has to look at her photos by herself. She is very emotional over them. After the break, Janet and Kirsten take a look at their photos. We see that Kirsten hasn’t been obese for long.

After an emotional outburst from both of them, we then get treated to a photo of Janet ironing in a bikini in the 80’s.

It’s now time for Janet and Kirsten to find out who their ‘visitor’ is. For us, we won’t find out until tomorrow!


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