Ten acknowledges Biggest Loser Scandal

Ten acknowledges Biggest Loser Scandal

Channel Ten has admit that an incident has occured on  The Biggest Loser after New Idea published an article yesterday. claiming it was rocked by a sex scandal.

The story was on the front cover however it didn’t care to elaborate on the topic.

Very early in the process of putting together The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation, there was an event involving two contestants,” TEN later confirmed.

“In line with our strict duty of care obligations, the incident was referred to the relevant authorities. Therefore, we cannot comment any further other than to say that contestants were unable to continue with the show.”

Whilst one can only speculate what constitutes an “inappropriate” relationship, it’s clear the parties were pulled from the show before going to air.

This isn’t the first time Loser has had to drop contestants ahead of a season premiere.

In 2010 a contestant was charged with child porn offences frantically requiring the show to replace him and re-edit weeks of episodes to exclude him.

source herald sun





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