The Biggest Loser Episode 16 Recap A House Divided

The Biggest Loser Episode 16 Recap A House Divided

Just a note that due to unforeseen circumstances recaps maybe slightly delayed this week. But they will be up. Anyhow another Sunday means another farewell so who will it be?

Today the Commando has the parents for last chance training however Chris from the black team is injured from challenge last week so he won’t participate when asked who trained last night Robyn is the only one to put her up although she concedes it was only a short session. The rest of the teams give their reasons most of them are about how sore they are.

Shannon has the kids for this session and asks them the same questions only Katie managed to do some training while Amber admits she needed to catch up on some sleep! Today’s training is all about teaching the kids to be independent and they do a lot of hard work. Katie admits to Shannon that having a close call last week gave her the fire for this week’s sessions. She admits that she has been doing everything and she’s aiming for 3kg this week.

The commando asks Robyn what she has been doing about the fact that she was almost sent home last week. She admits there was a lot of thinking because she doesn’t understand what went wrong but after a few days of letting self-doubt enter her head she needed to move on.

Anita has noticed that despite having an injury Cher has stepped up her game and is working harder this week as a result of that, Cher wants to beat her mother on the scales this week. She is really stepping it up.

In the middle of a speech about competition from the Commando Anita breaks down and leaves. She tells him that all the talk is getting to her. He says that since the elimination where the trainers were involved he has seen a lot more fight from both of them.

At the Kitchen table Mandy Richard and Robyn are discussing who they would vote out if all three of them were above the yellow line. Robyn asks about formula as for whom to vote out. They have an alliance and Richard makes it clear that if black fall below that yellow line they are out of here. Mandy doesn’t like this talk. Mark and Chris are aware of the alliance but are convinced they have done enough. On that note let’s weigh in

With Richard and Amber having immunity 5 teams will fight it out for the 3 remaining spots however this one has a twist Only the weight loss of one contestant will count today and it’s up to each team to pick that person before they start the weigh in. everyone’s scared but the deacons have been made so let’s get cracking

First up will be Richard and Amber as they have immunity Richard weighed 119.0kg. He now weighs 115.9kg. That’s a weight loss of 3.1kg. Amber weighed 99.5 kg. She now weighs… 97.7kg. That’s a weight loss of 1.8kg. Richard’s weight loss will be counted today giving them a 2.61% weight loss they are safe from being eliminated.

Next up is Robyn and Katie; Katie’s weight loss will count for the team percentage. Robyn weighed 94.1kg. She now weighs… 89.6kg. That’s a weight loss of 4.5kg. Katie weighed 115.4kg. She now weighs… 110.9 kg. That’s a total weight loss of 4.5kg. The Weight loss percentage is 3.90%

Mandy and Brett are next last week Brett weighed 155.1kg. He now weighs… 151.9kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.2 kg. Mandy weighed 94.5 kg. She now weighs… 92.1kg that’s a total weight loss of 2.4 kg. Brett was chosen to count as the weight loss today giving them a 2.06 precent total.

Chris and Mark choose for Chris’s weight loss to be counted. Chris weighed 129.3kg. He now weighs… 126.9kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.4kg. Mark weighed 134.7kg. He now weighs… 132.0kg. That’s a weight loss of 2.7kg. They have a weight loss percentage of 1.86% putting them in 4th place.

Anita and Cher choose Anita to count as Cher has an injury. Cher weighed 157.8. She now weighs… 154.4kg. That’s a total weight loss of 3.4kg. Anita weighed 102.7kg. She now weighs… 101.0 kg. That’s a total weight loss of 1.7kg. Giving them a percentage of 1.66 they are below the yellow line and will face elimination, however it could have been avoided by Anita trusting Cher.

Todd and Gerald are last to weigh in, they choose Todd because he is a massive ball of energy. To avoid elimination he has to lose 1.8kg. Gerald weighed 126.9kg. He now weighs… 125.8kg. That’s a total weight loss of 1.1kg. Todd weighed 93.2kg. He now weighs 90.3kg. That’s a total weight loss of them a percentage of 3.11. This puts them in second place on the leader board behind Robyn and Katie.

Chris and Mark will face elimination against Anita and Cher

Like last week only one person from each team will be voting in the elimination room. The people to vote today are: Katie Amber Brett and Gerald

Mark is surprised to see that amber has been picked but she states that she wanted to see what it was on that side of the table. Chris is sure that blue and orange are part of an alliance which they both deny it’s just because they are so close.

Cher wants to stay to achieve her goals. Gerald can’t figure her out sometimes she smashes it in the gym. There have been other times where she hasn’t and he is unsure.

The first team with three votes will leave.

Katie votes for Chris and mark as she wants to stay and the only way to do that is to remove their biggest threat.

Amber votes for Chris and Mark as one of them has a very bad energy around them.

Brett follows Katie’s lead to vote out the biggest threat and that is Chris and mark. We do not see Gerald’s vote. This is where the episode ends with Chris and Mark leaving the biggest loser house.