The Biggest Loser 8×19 The Top Five Weigh In Recap

The Biggest Loser 8×19 The Top Five Weigh In Recap

Half the contestants have spent the week at home. How will this affect the weigh in results?

Michelle trains Richard and Katie today by ‘beating’ them with sandbags, ropes, wheelbarrows and pipes. Basically, for their training session, they will be using these objects as instruments to carry, push, pull and hold.

In the gym, Shannan has Brett and Gerald. These guys are giving everything they’ve got. Back to Michelle and her contestants are also training well with Richard picking up Michelle for extra resistance!

After the break, Shannan catches up with Anita who has been returned from hospital after stomach problems. She’s back in the game and ready for weigh in. Well…as ready as you can be! Cher, who didn’t cope too well with the news of her mother’s injury, is hard at work training. It’s now time for each of the five stay-at-home contestants to return to the house. Amber is one contestant who hasn’t trained hard at home. She thinks Richard will carry her through.

It’s now time for weigh in. Gerald and Todd are first up. Gerald and Todd weighed 125.8kg and 90.3kg respectively. They now weigh 123.5kg (2.3kg loss) and 88.4kg (1.9kg loss) respectively. That’s a combined loss of 4.2kg, or 1.94 per cent.

Next to weigh in will be Mandy and Brett. Mandy and Brett weighed 92.1kg and 151.9kg respectively. The now weigh 90.9kg (1.2kg loss) and 148.8kg (3.1kg loss) respectively. That’s a total loss of 4.3kg or 1.76 per cent. Mandy is not happy. ALMOST at 90kg!

Robyn and Katie weighed 89.6kg and 110.9kg respectively. They now weigh 86.8kg (2.8kg loss) and 108.5kg (2.4kg loss) respectively. That’s a loss of 5.2kg with 6.2kg with their weight advantage. That’s a percentage of 3.09 per cent.

Next up are Richard and Amber. They weighed 115.9kg and 97.7kg respectively. They now weigh 113.0kg (2.9kg loss) and 95.6kg (2.1kg loss) respectively. That’s a total loss and percentage of 5.0kg and 2.34 per cent. Mandy and Brett fall below the yellow line. Despite the good result, Amber still gets flack for her effort.

Amber gets upset and leaves the weigh in room and threatens to quit.

Last up are Anita and Cher. They weighed 101.0kg and 154.4kg respectively. They now weigh 99.8kg (1.2kg loss) and 152.0kg (2.4kg loss) respectively. That’s a combined weight loss of 3.6kg or 1.41 per cent, facing elimination against Mandy and Brett.

Tonight, all members of each team will vote at elimination.

In elimination, the main topic is the amount of times Anita and Cher have spent below the yellow line. 3 votes will eliminate Anita & Cher. 4 will eliminate Mandy & Brett. This is how they vote:




Anita and Cher are eliminated from The Biggest Loser.


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