The Bachelors Take Georgia Home

The Bachelors Take Georgia Home

Last night The Bachelorette dished up it’s hotly anticipated Hometown visits episode.

Georgia traveled the country to visit the hometowns of her final four Bachelors: Courtney, Jake, Matty and Lee.

Matty was first to introduce Georgia to his home, in Sydney. Georgia and he spent the first part of their date horse-riding.

Over dinner at his older sister Kate’s house, Georgia met Matty’s mum and younger brother. Not holding back, Kate grilled Georgia with tough questions, including whether a move to Sydney was on the cards for the Bachelorette and if she was ready for children.

Kate told her brother she was concerned his heart could get broken. While Matty admitted to having the same fears, he told his sister that he was in love with Georgia.
The next day, Georgia met Jake at home on the Gold Coast. Jake taught Georgia to cook his family’s famous roast turkey and introduced her to his mum, Robbie.  Robbie asked Georgia how the relationship would work with Jake living on the Gold Coast and told  her that their family unit is very strong.  Later, Robbie told Jake that above all, she just wanted him to be happy and she could see how wonderful Georgia was for him.

Back in her hometown of Melbourne, Georgia’s date with Lee started with a bunch of flowers and coffee, before meeting his family. Nervous but excited, Georgia was warmly welcomed at the home of Lee’s parents. Over dinner, Lee’s cheeky grandmother, Corrie, asked Georgia if she liked children and what she was looking for in a man.  Lee’s mother, Marina, asked Georgia a few questions before Georgia switched the conversation and quizzed Marina on the type of girls Lee had dated in the past.

For the final hometown visit, Georgia met Courtney and his family in Sydney. They started the date on the beach with a game inspired by Courtney’s involvement with Nippers. While Courtney was hoping their day would just be about having fun, Georgia felt like there were many unresolved issues to be discussed.

Confronting Courtney about the mixed messages she felt he had been sending, Georgia asked him directly if he wanted to be with her. The hesitation from Courtney made Georgia realise she could not be with someone who did not want her.  The pair then went to dinner with Courtney’s siblings. The night deteriorated when Courtney’s brother Jarrad pointed out that he was not acting himself and seemed tired. Courtney ended the conversation immediately, which sent a red flag to Georgia.

At the cocktail party, Georgia pulled Courtney aside for a private conversation. She explained that all she felt with him was doubt and hesitation. Then, in a dramatic twist, Georgia cancelled the rose ceremony and asked Courtney to leave. Courtney was lost for words and left the mansion without a chance to say goodbye to the other Bachelors.

Courtney said: “Georgia and I got on really well from the first moment we met. It was fun at the beginning, then it got more serious and emotional. Given the environment we were in, it was extremely difficult to find out everything about somebody.”



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