Bachelorette Final 4 revealed

Bachelorette Final 4 revealed

Last night The Bachelorette had her final dates inside the mansion.

It has been weeks since Georgia and Lee have had one-on-one time together, so Georgia chose him for a single date that channelled elements of her favourite movie, Dirty Dancing.

Living out a lifelong dream of Georgia’s, the duo recreated the famous Baby and Johnny lift with near-perfect results. Locking eyes and falling into Lee’s arms, Georgia succumbed to a romantic kiss, just as rain began to fall around them.

Retiring to a cosy indoor oasis, Lee made his intentions clear and talked about his deep connection with Georgia.

The group date saw all five remaining Bachelors taken to a music recording studio, where they were greeted with news that they would be writing and performing a song for Georgia.

With only a title, The End Of The Rose, provided to them as a guide, Lee, Courtney, Matty and Jake formed pairs to brainstorm ideas, leaving Cameron with the coveted opportunity to perform a duet with the Bachelorette herself.

The five Bachelors took to the recording booth with a light-hearted and humorous approach. While Cameron surprised everyone with his vocal prowess, Lee’s performance was equated with the sound of nails being scrapped down a blackboard.

After Jake impressed Georgia with his meaningful lyrics, he received some alone time with her. Over a glass of red wine, the pair discussed their chemistry and Jake said he would fight for Georgia’s heart right until the very end.

Faced with an incredibly tough decision, Georgia approached the final cocktail party with torn emotions as she lamented who to send home.

In the ninth rose ceremony, Georgia was in tears as she said goodbye to Western Australian firefighter Cameron.

Cameron said: “I am upset because I think she’s great and I think we could have gotten along really well.

“I think she would have loved my family. But all of that aside, it doesn’t really matter because it’s her choice and I have to live with that and I have to be okay with that.”