The Bachelor’s shock farewell

The Bachelor’s shock farewell

Sometimes getting what you want can lead to heartache as The Bachelor taught us tonight. 

Before we get to the major shock of the evening let’s cover what happened on the biggest episode of the season.

Olena was chosen as the first lucky lady to have a second date with Richie. Taking off in a private jet to the New South Wales town of Mudgee, the pair enjoyed a picnic in the country, where Richie encouraged the mysterious Olena to open up to him. Admitting she is guarded in relationships to protect herself, Olena eventually reassured Richie by putting her strong feelings for him into words. After sharing a romantic kiss, Richie gave Olena a rose.

On tonight’s group date, eight ladies met Richie for a cooking competition at Sydney Seafood School. In teams of two, it was Noni and Rachael’s spicy crab dish that won Richie over, leading to the three of them sharing a beautiful seafood banquet.

As Rachael and Noni battled for Richie’s attention, Noni felt Rachael was showing signs of jealousy while Rachael felt Noni was acting like a child.

Finally receiving a single date card from Richie, Keira was thrilled to embark on her first full date.

Keen to see Keira in her comfort zone, Richie planned a date around one of her passions, yoga.

However, the date was anything but zen, with Keira taking over, directing Richie and critiquing his technique.

Worrying that he and Keira might be incompatible as a couple, Richie sat down with her to discuss their potential future. Feeling that their relationship lacked that crucial spark, Richie said goodbye to Keira on the spot.

On leaving, the 29-year-old account manager from New South Wales explained: “I definitely wasn’t blindsided. We were definitely on the same page, which is refreshing. But at the same time, I was too good for this situation and I felt it so many times.

“I hope Richie gets to know these girls properly before he makes his decision. I’m not concerned if I’m going to find love, it’s not an issue that I have moving forward in my life. I know that I’m not going to be left on the shelf.”

As the Bachelorettes waited for Richie and Keira to arrival at the cocktail party, they were shocked to learn from Osher that Keira had been sent home.

Greeting the Bachelorettes for the first time that night, Richie whisked Nikki away to a private area of the house. He reassured Nikki that although they had not shared a single date since the first week, he

still cared about her very much. After sharing a kiss, Nikki returned to the cocktail party – and a barrage of questions from the other Bachelorettes.

At the rose ceremony, the 10 remaining Bachelorettes were prepared for someone else to leave but were relieved to learn that they were all safe for another night.


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