The Bachelor gatecrashes cause a walkout

The Bachelor gatecrashes cause a walkout

Last night The Bachelor had it all from surprise new arrivals to a shocking walk out.

With just 10 Bachelorettes remaining, Rachael was thrilled to finally receive a single date card. She joined Richie to spend a day aboard a tall ship on Sydney Harbour. The adventurous duo climbed to the top of the crow’s nest, performed flawless backflips into the water and enjoyed a flirty swim.

Cosying up together, Richie and Rachael realised they share a great connection and Richie admitted he was nervous to kiss the brunette beauty. After giving Rachael a rose, Richie took the plunge, topping off their perfect day with a romantic kiss.

Back at the Bachelor mansion, the Bachelorettes prepared for a beautiful garden party. Dressed to impress, the ladies enjoyed champagne while waiting for Richie to arrive. But as the time passed, the ladies became suspicious that a plot twist was underway.

Prepared for a group date in the bush, Richie was surprised to be greeted by Osher, who explained that three beautiful and adventurous new Bachelorettes were on their way.

Before Richie could catch his breath, 25-year-old Steph sped towards him on a quad bike. Richie was blown away as he and the Victorian model got to know each other and enjoyed an action-packed ride on their bikes.

Next to arrive via motorbike was 26-year-old Queensland sales rep Sarah. The pair enjoyed a motorbike race before settling in for an honest conversation about Sarah’s past relationships. Lucky last to meet Richie was 29-year-old Khalia, arriving on horseback. The West Australian law student got acquainted with Richie over a leisurely horseback ride, followed by champagne in the woods.

Back at the mansion, the 10 original Bachelorettes watched a helicopter make its way to the mansion. Their excitement about Richie’s arrival quickly turned to despair as they spotted three figures in the chopper, signalling the arrival of Steph, Sarah and Khalia.

Feeling threatened by the arrival of three new beauties, Noni feared she would never have her moment with the Bachelor.

Tensions continued to rise between the Bachelorettes when Georgia told Keira that Kiki was gossiping about her, leading to a dramatic and heated confrontation between Keira and Kiki which resulted in Kiera calling her a peasant

With drama and increased competition unfolding around her, Megan felt conflicted about her feelings for Richie and wondered whether she could ever form a relationship with him.

During an anxious rose ceremony, Richie offered a rose to Megan, 27, who declined, explaining: “From the moment that I met you I felt like you were someone I could fall in love with and even though I think I could do that, I can’t do that like this.”

Visibly distraught about the shock departure of one of his leading ladies, Richie returned to the rose ceremony where he made the decision to say goodbye to Georgia, 24.

Less than impressed that intruders had taken her place, the Victorian artist said: “I felt something for him. I wouldn’t have stayed around if I didn’t. I’m hopeful that the right person is out there for me.”


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