The Bachelor’s final 4 revealed

The Bachelor’s final 4 revealed

Last night’s Bachelor was like one long speed date.

Sam and the final five Bachelorettes braved torrential rain for a weekend away at a luxurious beach house ahead of Sam’s toughest decision yet.

With the home town dates looming, The Bachelor arranged an intense round of speed dating over two days at a cosy getaway to spend some quality time with the ladies before he sent another home. It was the Bachelorettes’ last opportunity to deepen their relationships with Sam before the final four take him home to meet their families – and the mood was tense.

The first of Sam’s five mini-dates was with Lana at the driving range. While she helped him perfect his golf swing, he pondered his strong feelings for her. After they shared a passionate kiss over champagne, Lana said she was not scared by how fast things were moving. Sam agreed.

Later, Sam took Snezana for a romantic stroll in the rain followed by wine and cheese in a candle-lit restaurant. When Snezana showed him some photos of her beautiful daughter Eve, the reality of the situation hit home and Sam asked himself if he was ready for such a commitment.

The next stop for Sam was a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant with Heather. While they laughed their way through lunch, Sam questioned whether their amazing friendship could blossom into a beautiful romance, or if they were headed for the friend zone.

Sarah, who doesn’t like talking about feelings, opened up to Sam over more wine and cheese. The pair shared an intimate kiss and a deep discussion.

Last but not least, Sam took Nina fishing. While he searched for answers, Nina was worried that he had not had the chance to see the real her. Desperate for him to meet her family, she laid it all on the line in one last attempt to win The Bachelor’s heart.

Back at the mansion, the Bachelorettes were nervous at the cocktail party as they prepared for the most important rose ceremony yet.

After thinking about each relationship in depth, Sam made the difficult decision to send Nina home. His decision shocked the remaining Bachelorettes. They couldn’t believe that one of the original girls was going home before date-crasher Lana.

After a teary farewell, Nina, 28, a wedding planner from Brisbane, said: “When I think about Lana going to home towns… it’s disappointment, it’s anger, it’s frustration. “I definitely came into this with a completely open heart, looking for love, and it’s not going to stop me that I have been sent home.

“This is just the start of a new chapter for me now. Hopefully I’ll get back out there and look for love again and I really hope that person is there for me,” she said



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