800 Words locked into Tuesdays

800 Words locked into Tuesdays

Seven has now locked in the next big Australian drama 800 Words.

The series will launch Tuesday at  8:40 pm on Seven, It  consists of just 8 episodes.

A columnist for a popular Sydney newspaper and devoted father of teenage kids, Shay (Melina Vidler) and Arlo (Benson Jack Anthony), life has been pretty good to George. His biggest concern, aside from raising a family with wife, Laura, is ensuring he pens exactly 800 Words for his weekly column. His precise word count is a personal quirk. It gives George control and stability, but that all vanishes with his wife’s sudden passing.

Acting on impulse, George quits his job and tells his kids to pack their bags because he has just bought a house, sight unseen, over the internet in the fictional New Zealand seaside town of Weld.

If you love Rafters your going to fall in   love with this pretty quickly.


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