The Bachelors And Their Leading Ladies Meet The Families

 The Bachelors And Their Leading Ladies Meet The Families

With the finale just around the corner, Thomas knew exactly who he’s choosing while for Felix and Jed the ultimate decision still needed some thought. In tonight’s episode, the tough questions were asked from loved ones

Here’s the sitch: Felix opened up to Abigail’s bestie Georgia that he wanted a monogamous relationship while Abigail dobbed on Jessica to Felix’s mum that Jessica had no intention of doing such thing.

Jessica then brought Damien to meet Felix’s family alongside her bros, Damien told her bro to shut up and butt out of the relationship conversation and Felix didn’t back down demanding answers from the polyamorous couple

Jed didn’t make a good impression on Alesia’s family, especially with a potential engagement on the cards whereas Angela’s family welcomed him with open arms.

Meanwhile, Thomas was done with the whole process and ready to propose, making his mum a very happy lady.


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