Relationships Questioned And Rivalries Ignited on The Bachelors

Relationships Questioned And Rivalries Ignited on The Bachelors

WIth hearts still wondering, it was time to bring in the big guns on tonight’s episode in the form of a sexologist and relationship coach. As we know from previous seasons, these chats are make or break for our Bachelors and this season was no exception.

Top of mind of course was Felix and Jessica and the polyamorous elephant in the room. Stating point blank he wanted a monogamous relationship at the end of this experience, Felix left with a pep in his step knowing Jessica was on the same page and planned to end things with Damien.

Cut to Jessica chatting with Abigail on a couch pre Rose Ceremony where Jessica explains she has no intention of breaking up with Damien. Shocked, Abigail tells Krystal and both can’t believe the selfishness they’re hearing.

Meanwhile, Courtney pulled Jed aside to tell him that she was leaving the mansion leaving Alésia and Angela to meet the family. Thomas said goodbye to Kiki with Leah and Lauren set to meet his mum and Felix said goodbye to Krystal with Abigail and Jessica his final ladies.


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