The Bachelorettes starts talking Plan B

The Bachelorettes  starts talking Plan B

While trying to move on from the Abbie and Sogand drama, the mansion was thrown into another surprising situation on The Bachelor Australia.

Osher rocked up to the mansion and announced to the remaining bachelorettes that it was a week of dangerous romance. Opening the date card, it was Elly who was asked out on her second single date with Matt.

Arriving at the date, Matt and Elly were reminded of the week’s theme and were met by fire twirlers. After suiting up in fire proof gear, the pair practised their routine while trying not to singe each other ahead of their performance at sun down.

Back at the mansion, some of the ladies had discovered that Rachael had a crush on a crew member. Annoyed that other bachelorettes had gone home before her, Mary vowed to reveal Rachael’s true intentions to Matt the first chance she got.

On the single date, it was time for Matt and Elly’s fire performance. It was electrifying and clearly brought them closer together. Recreating their red carpet meet, the pair then sat down around a campfire feeding each other marshmallows.

Matt opened up to Elly and told her he had looked forward to their second single date, especially after the last group date where they met each other’s best friends. Revealing he was starting to develop feelings for her, Matt sealed the evening with a kiss and a rose for Elly.

The gossip back at the mansion was all about Rachael and her school girl crush on a crew member. Sitting on a couch together, Rachael told Abbie that she had winked at the guy she was crushing on and he was definitely her “Plan B” once she left the mansion.

Annoyed, Mary vowed to Nikki that she would be telling Matt the truth about Rachael at the next cocktail party.

Keeping with the dangerous romance date theme, the group date saw the ladies write their emotional baggage on an old suitcase. And in true Bachelor style, the only way to get over their baggage was to throw themselves out of a plane.

With Kristen suitably petrified, she refused to give up and agreed to go up in the plane with everyone. It came down to the wire, but out the door she flew, and made it safely back to solid ground.  Matt was so impressed with Kristen, it was only fitting he awarded her with a rose for facing one of her true fears.

At the cocktail party, the bachelorettes could talk about nothing else but Rachael and her crew crush. While Rachael was on the hunt to chat to her “Plan B”, Mary sat down with Matt to let him in on what was going on behind his back.

Fine with the fact that he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, a producer then revealed to Matt that Rachael’s number was found on a piece of paper in a crew member’s pocket. Annoyed, Matt went to find her.

Confronting Rachael, Matt admitted he knew 28 women may not be into him but, was more upset about the fact that he may have sent home someone who had genuine feelings for him. Rachael, adamant it was a joke, was walked to the car and asked to leave the mansion immediately.

Osher told the remaining bachelorettes that Rachael had left the mansion, but there would still be a rose ceremony that evening. With Elly and Kristen already holding roses, it was Nikki who was sent home.