Another ex-Robinson makes a return to Erinsborough

Another ex-Robinson makes a return to Erinsborough

Paul’s past just keeps delivering when another ex-wife makes a return tonight.

This time, it’s ex-wife number 4, Lyn Scully (Janet Andrewartha) who drops by unannounced right as Paul and Terese (Stefan Dennis and Rebekah Elmaloglou) are having breakfast. Lyn seems to have a legitimate reason for being in Erinsborough – she’s conducting interviews for The Retreat – but in typical, nosey Lyn fashion, she also manages to find time to ruffle feathers.

In a quiet moment with Terese, Lyn echoes Gail’s sentiments that marrying Paul won’t end well. Will she succeed in ending the relationship before the wedding, and just what has Lyn said to leave Paul rattled?

Lyn’s return is a brilliant idea as it allows us to catch up with one of the series’ most-loved matriarchs as well as providing updates on fan-favourite Steph.

This is one return you don’t want to miss and it begs the question – just how many of Paul’s ex-wives will return before the big day? And more importantly, why are they all coming out of the woodwork now?

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