The Bachelor Top 8 Revealed

The Bachelor Top 8 Revealed

Sam has reached the half way point in his journey for love after elimination.

the competition revved up when Sam Wood took five lucky ladies to a go-kart track to race for his attention.

The adrenaline-filled group date saw Rachel, Bec, Emily, Heather and Nina suit up and take to the tarmac with Sam for the inaugural Bachelor Grand Prix. While Sam’s plan was to spice things up a little, Nina, a self-professed rev-head, and Emily took the competition on the track to a whole new level. After 10 laps of aggressive bumping and sliding, Nina celebrated her win with a victory lap, only to be shut down by the announcement that Emily had beaten her by seven seconds.

After a champagne podium with an elated Emily on the top step of the rostrum, Sam and his victor enjoyed some time alone which left The Bachelor’s head spinning.

While he has an obvious physical connection with Emily, Sam was left questioning their relationship and trying to work out how much they have in common.

Later, West Australian beauty Snezana became the first Bachelorette to be asked on a second single date with Sam, leaving a number of girls questioning their future in the mansion.

While Snezana was whisked away to enjoy pizza and wine with the man of the moment, Nina accidentally let slip to the girls that Snezana and Sam had a sneaky pash at the barn dance. The intimate moment at the farm, which left Snezana lost for words, became the topic du jour at the cocktail party.


Meanwhile, Sam and Snezana flirted the day away at their Italian picnic. Romance led to a passionate kiss and a rose while they shared a special Star Wars-themed dessert.

That evening, the drama continued as the Bachelorettes prepared for another rose ceremony and with nine ladies and only eight roses, it was Rachel’s time to leave the mansion.

After failing to make an impression on Sam, Rachel was disappointed that she didn’t have the chance to get to know The Bachelor on a single date.

Rachel, 28, a charity worker from South Australia, said: “I’m really sad to leave the mansion. I definitely came into this experience looking for love and hoping that the Bachelor would be the right guy for me.

“It’s really tough, but I have done everything I can to try and find love and it just didn’t work out.”




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