60 Minutes August 23

60 Minutes  August 23

This weekend 60 Minutes has stories on  an Australian missing in Syeria a remarkable friendship and a positive  story on Generation Y


The rise of ISIS has been shocking on so many fronts, not least because of the young Australians it recruits to carry out its horror. And so it was when Oliver Bridgeman was recently revealed as the latest convert to Islam, who went missing after he told his family he was going to Indonesia to do aid work. Then this Aussie teenager – rugby player and school captain – hit the headlines as our latest teen terrorist. So how did this blonde jihadi from country Queensland end up in Syria? And is he a terrorist? In this world exclusive 60 Minutes tracks down Oliver Bridgeman to find out what’s taken him to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Gareth Harvey, Ali Smith


When Australian teenager Doujon Zammit was murdered on holidays in Greece in 2008, his mother and father put aside their grief to donate his major organs. That selfless act saved the lives of four people, including Kostas Gribilas who received Doujon’s heart. It was a gift that would set these two families on a life journey like no other. Kostas and his fiancé Poppy since moved to Australia – around the corner from Doujon’s parents, Oliver and Rosemarie. They are now best friends – at their wedding Oliver was Doujon’s best man. And the best friends have been there through more heartbreak – this time together. On Sunday, reporter Liz Hayes tells this remarkable story of love, sacrifice, and loss and the friendship that has held them all together.

Reporter: Liz Hayes Producer: Howard Sacre


Before you bemoan “the kids of today”, let 60 Minutes introduce you to 18-year-old Jack Andraka. Just a few short years ago, Jack was a bullied teenager – a self-confessed science nerd who had revealed he was gay. Then he lost a close family friend to the most unforgiving of diseases, pancreatic cancer. That’s when Jack had his Eureka moment and made a discovery that turned the science world on its head – and it all began in his basement science lab. He’s now showing kids all over the world that it’s cool to be clever.

Reporter: Charles Wooley

Producer: Jo Townsend, Phil Goyen

 9pm Sunday on Nine