The Bachelor loses the chance to romance Holly

The Bachelor loses  the chance to romance Holly

Another three bachelorettes  were sent packing last night

The three lovely ladies were  fitness trainer Stacey Louise,  33; poker dealer Shana, 26; and professional netballer Holly, 23.

With an opportunity from Netball NSW on offer, Holly made the difficult decision to follow her passion for the  sport and leave Blake and the mansion behind. Holly was a clear front-runner from day one: she had already  received the sought-after white rose as well as two dates with Blake during her short time on the show. Struggling with her decision, Holly said: “I’ve worked so hard my whole life to pursue my netball career. If this  opportunity goes well I could be selected for the professional league here in Australia. This is such a fantastic  opportunity but it has come at completely the wrong time.”
Holly broke the news to Blake privately during their group date. “It’s going to be really hard to walk away from  here because I am already so emotionally invested in you, but I can’t walk away from netball,” she told him.   “It’s not only in my head but it’s in my heart as well. I don’t want you to think that I’m ungrateful for anything.  I’ve had the most amazing time and I am genuinely upset to walk away from you.”

After the rose ceremony, Shana said of her experience: “Once you’ve been heartbroken it’s hard to put  yourself out there again. I did have feelings [for Blake] so I am feeling a little bit disappointed but I’m going to  have to deal with that in my own time.” Stacey Louise said: “I definitely could have fallen for him. Obviously he didn’t feel the same way. When one  door closes another door opens. I’m a big believer in something better is waiting for me around the corner.”

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