The Bachelor heats up

The Bachelor heats up

With only nine Bachelorette’s left in the mansion, the tension continued to build among the ladies over spending quality time with Matt on The Bachelor Australia.

Osher once again appeared at the mansion with a date card. Continuing the dangerous romance theme, it was revealed Mary, Abbie, Helena, Elly and Emma would all attend an acrobatic group date.

Arriving on the date, it was clear early on that there was a strong connection between Matt and Elly. Seeing this and not wanting to be outdone, Abbie decided to step up her game for Matt’s attention, leaving the other bachelorettes wanting to be anywhere but on said date.

Matt then chose Abbie for some extra one on one time. Tasked with learning a synchronised aerial silk routine, the pair performed the routine which ended in a steamy pash.

Settling down for the traditional wine and cheese platter, Abbie opened up and told Matt she could see herself falling in love with him. Matt showed his appreciation by handing Abbie a red rose and another kiss.

It was Chelsie who was then invited on her second single date with Matt where they were repelling themselves off the side of a building. If that wasn’t daunting enough, they were repelling down face first.

Back at the mansion, Abbie told the other bachelorettes how her alone time with Matt went. Admitting she was quietly confident that Matt felt the same way, Abbie confirmed she was in no way concerned about Matt’s date with Chelsie.

Back at the date, Matt and Chelsie stood at the edge of the building rooftop about to walk over the edge. It was harder than it looked with the pair having to walk in sync. Failing, they pulled the pin and dropped to the ground.

Chelsie revealed to Matt during their wine time that her last relationship wasn’t the greatest and that’s why she was finding it hard to open up to him.

Matt appreciated the honesty and was horrified anyone would ever treat Chelsie so badly as he wanted to make her feel special every day. Chelsie of course walked away with a red rose and a kiss.

Not knowing where she stood, Mary walked into the cocktail party concerned she wouldn’t receive a rose as both she and Nichole hadn’t been asked on a single date. Also feeling the pressure was Sogand, who crafted a clever way to grab Matt’s attention.

Cue Sogand donning a belly dancing outfit and dancing for Matt. Watching on, the other bachelorettes felt awkward but couldn’t look away from the action!

At the rose ceremony, with Abbie and Chelsie already gifted roses, it was Mary and Nichole who were sent home.


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