The Bachelor goes wild

The Bachelor goes wild

In tonight’s dose of Vitamin J on The Bachelor Australia, it was all systems go for Stephanie, Holly had a beach of a time, and the ladies unleashed their wild side.

After the drama the night before, Holly was hoping to move forwards and not dwell on the fact that Stephanie wanted to see her next Tuesday. But when Stephanie’s name was written on that single date, the ladies realised that Jimmy had no idea what had gone at the last cocktail party.

The distain from her mansion mates didn’t deter Stephanie, who was ready for take-off when Jimmy took her as his co-pilot on a flight simulator. Having dated pilots previously, Stephanie new a thing or two about aviation, nailing her landing with a kiss and holding a rose. 

Then it was off to the beach for the group date where Jimmy arrived at shore with his mate Fin. Jimmy revealed to the ladies that he knows Fin to be a good judge of character, and at the end of the group date, he will be looking to Fin for some advice on the ladies.

The girls tried hard to impress, but it was Tatum who stood out the most to Fin, so in turn, Jimmy gave her a rose. 

Later, at the full moon cocktail, Holly was eager to have some time with Jimmy however it appeared a lot of the ladies had their own elaborate plans. Carlie had organised a wine tasting, Tahnee a picnic and Ash a swim in the jacuzzi which ruffled a few feathers.

In the end, it was Elena who did not receive a rose. 


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