The Bachelor gives Cat a chance

The Bachelor gives Cat a chance

Last night The Bachelor continued his quest for love with a rose ceremony that will go down in Bachelor history.  

After opening up to Nick about her five-year-old son, Leon, Dasha was ecstatic to be chosen for today’s single date. Nick surprised Dasha by taking her fly fishing, which just so happened to be one of her son’s favourite sports.


Nick and Dasha dressed up in fishing gear and walked into the water, on a mission to catch some fish. Nick enjoyed teaching Dasha how to fly fish, while Dasha loved the excuse to get up close and personal with Nick.  Although they didn’t catch any fish, the pair still had a great day full of romance and laughter.


At the end of a hard day fishing, Nick and Dasha sat down to enjoy a glass of champagne. Nick asked Dasha what is most important to her, and Dasha was pleased to hear Nick is interested in having children down the track. The date ended with a rose, a kiss and a strong connection with the potential for something special.


Back at the mansion, Blair found a date card hidden among the roses. Rhiannon, Tenille, Vanessa, Romy, Cat, Shannon, Brooke, Sophie, Brittany, Emily, Ashley and Cass were the lucky Bachelorettes chosen to attend the date.


Nick and Osher met the excited Bachelorettes at ANZ Stadium, which had been transformed to host the Inaugural Bachelor Arrow-Tag Championship. The Bachelorettes were split into two  teams, with the best and fairest player winning time with Nick after the game.

After the first round, the red team were in the lead, but the blue team came back with a vengeance in the second game. Faced with a tough decision, Nick chose blue team leader Cat for the one-on-one time after the game.

A romantic couch was set up in the middle of the stadium. Nick and Cat shared their plans for the future, before Cat leaned in for a kiss. Nick side-stepped and kissed her on the cheek, much to Cat’s embarrassment.

At the cocktail party, Cass was fiercely hoping to spend time with Nick. Before she had a chance to find him, Blair entered the cocktail party in active wear and stole Nick away to teach him some basketball moves

The party continued with a number of Bachelorettes grabbing Nick for alone time, while a silent feud continued between Vanessa Sunshine and Cat, Romy and Alisha.  Despite her determination, Cass did not get the chance to talk to Nick before the rose ceremony, leaving her rattled and upset.

At the rose ceremony, Nick presented the final rose of the night to a very nervous Cass, before sending Aleksandra and Steph home.  Steph didn’t go quietly  “I can’t believe I shaved my legs for this,” she told him  before marching out of the room.