Ten Pilot Week Trial By Kyle

Pilot week continued with Trial by Kyle.

The toughest cases, biggest celebrities and genuine disputes can only be settled by one man: radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands.

Presiding over his very own courtroom, Kyle will offer his real opinions on real disputes, and dish out his own unique form of justice.

Former The Bachelor Australia star and criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich, is on hand to assist in forensically analysing the evidence.

Once a final verdict is reached, the golden gavel will come down. And with all parties involved have signed an arbitration agreement that states the show’s ruling is final, Kyle’s verdict must be upheld!

This pilot was a bit of light fun and it was a guilty pleasure that was hard to look away from. Could we see it back in  2019? i’d say maybe  it all depends on Kyle’s Availability and the response to the pilot by the public.