The Bachelor gets hearts racing

The Bachelor gets hearts racing

With the dust settling after the last cocktail party and mass elimination, it was back to the business of vying for Matt’s heart on The Bachelor Australia.

The Bachelorettes were eager to fill Vakoo in on what had happened while she was unwell. It quickly became clear that a divide between the unexpected arrivals and original Bachelorettes was brewing.

Unaware of the drama unfolding back at the mansion, Matt met Elly in his hometown of Melbourne for her fairy-tale Golden Ticket date.  Heading to Flemington Racecourse, Matt picked Elly up in a horse and carriage where they met the iconic Gai Waterhouse and the Melbourne Cup trophy.

After horsing around and posing with the cup, it was off to ride some real horses around the grounds before tucking into the traditional single date cheeseboard.

Over some brie, Matt learnt that Elly appreciated the simple things in life, and as their conversation deepened, Elly admitted that she had not met anyone she felt so strongly about since her last five-year relationship.

Sharing a kiss, Matt presented Elly with a rose, revealing he had already decided she was getting a rose before the day even kicked off.

Back at the mansion, a group date card arrived pitting the unexpected arrivals against the original Bachelorettes. Arriving at a field, the girls discovered they would be playing a match of AFL 9s.


Battle lines were drawn with referee Matt caught in the middle, but in the end the red team – consisting of the original bachelorettes – won 18 to 12. Nichole was named ‘‘Best and Fairest’’ on ground and scored one-on-one time with Matt. After an awkward rose moment, the time for a kiss passed, leaving Nichole to save face when she was grilled back at the mansion.


As the cocktail party kicked into action, a date card was discovered, stating Matt would pick a girl to bring on the next single date before the night was over. With all the Bachelorettes on edge, the cocktail party became a feeding frenzy.


As the girls fought for Matt’s attention, he grabbed Elly away from the party to have a private chat and let her know how much he enjoyed their day in Melbourne together. They lent in for a kiss and shared a quiet moment together away from the chaos.


Returning to the cocktail party, Monique quickly grabbed Matt for a treasure hunt, revealing more about who she was as a person. Flattered over how much effort was made, Matt presented the date card and a rose to Monique. Nichole exclaimed that she was over it before heading to the bathroom in tears.


At the rose ceremony, with Elly, Nichole and Monique already holding roses, it was Jessica, Jessie and Renee’s time to leave empty handed