Seven to reveal How To Make $10k in 20 Days this week

Seven to reveal How To Make $10k in 20 Days this week

What if you needed to make $10,000 fast; could you do it? In this 90-minute special, Sunrise host and finance guru David Koch shares all the tips and tricks you’ll need to help you grow your bank account at record pace!

For 20 days two very different couples will put their spending on a crash diet as they learn how to save, earn and sell their way towards their goals. It will be a race against the clock as they road test bargain recipes and shopping hacks, try earning outside their 9 to 5 wage and turn clutter into cold hard cash.

In their quest to make $10k in 20 days, Kochie and the couples will be joined by a team of experts including“Fast Ed” (Better Homes & Gardens), Canna Campbell (SugarMamma TV), Juliet Ashworth (award-winning interior designer) and Tim Fung (Airtasker co-founder) who will share their knowledge on how to slash grocery bills, convert a home into a hotel, transform trash to treasure and turn your passion into an income.

Although it might seem impossible, David Koch says the key to making money and making it fast comes down to three simple steps: sell, earn and save.

“Every day I talk to ordinary Aussies who tell me how hard they work for every single dollar, but a quick injection of cash would really help them out. Most think it’s impossible, but there is a way to get ahead and I’m looking forward to showing Australia how to do it” says Kochie.

How To Make $10k in 20 Days will premiere on Wednesday, 14 August at 7.30pm on Seven