The Bachelor gets an August premiere date

Mark your calendar Australia, you’ve got a date with Locky next month 

 To consider with the announcement 10 has revealed  Irena will  take Locky’s breath away.

You know when you meet someone and your heart skips a beat? It’s always handy to have a nurse on hand, right? 

Cue Irena, 30, a nurse from Victoria who comes well-equipped to check our Bachelor pulse. Attraction between the pair on the red carpet is instant, and after a night of longing looks and lingering touches, she makes her mark revealing the one thing the other ladies don’t have – a stethoscope.

Doesn’t sound overly-sexy right? Wrong!

In awe at the cocktail party, Locky says: “Her hands are in my shirt, my buttons undone…”

And that’s just the beginning.


The Bachelor Australia Premieres Wednesday 12 August At 7.30pm on 10