Meet the first three singles vying for Locky’s Heart

When you’re potentially going to be meeting the man of your dreams on The Bachelor Australia red carpet, it’s safe to say first impressions count.

With tall, dark and handsome Bachelor Locky Gilbert waiting to greet you, it takes some courage to roll out of the limo in a penguin suit. And we’re not talking about a tuxedo. We’re talking a legit penguin outfit, complete with a high-heeled waddle.

Our penguin is Rosemary, 23, from Queensland. Walking towards our man of the moment, she quips: “I see you got the penguin suit memo!” With the ice immediately broken and Locky’s interest piqued, that’s not the only move Rosemary has up her penguin wing. 


Up next is Steph, 26, from Victoria, and as it turns out, she knows the way to a man’s heart. Food. Bonding over burritos, Steph attempts to spice things up, but soon discovers that Locky’s adventurous side doesn’t extend to jalapeños or chipotle sauce. Determined they can still make a go of things, Locky is in awe.

Finally, entering with a sparkle in her eyes is Bella, 25, from NSW. An instant connection is clearly made, leaving Locky absolutely smitten. Revealing a small heart pin, Bella nervously places the gift on our Bachelor’s sleeve explaining: “I got you a little heart that we can pop on your sleeve, so you always remember to wear your heart on your sleeve.” 


With these unique Bachelorettes, only time will tell as to who will win the affections of our adventure man Locky. A courageous penguin, a hot tamale or the brown-eyed damsel? This is one love story you’re going to want to watch!

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