The Bachelor does something unexpected

The Bachelor does something unexpected

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor delivered quite a few surprises………….Sam invited the remaining six Bachelorettes on a memorable group date close to his heart.

Lana, Rachel, Snezana, Heather, Nina and Sarah swapped their cocktail frocks for exercise gear and took to the field with 20 children for a day of baseball, basketball, football and fun.

Keen to see their coaching skills in full swing, Sam set up a series of games to put each Bachelorette through their paces and kept a close eye on them. While Sarah, Rachel and Heather were a little out of their comfort zone with the kids, Nina, Lana and Snezana impressed Sam with their easy-going attitude and way with children.

But off the pitch, tensions boiled over when Lana was invited on a single date with Sam. Nina’s heart sank when Sarah read out the date card and, as the pressure got too much, she broke down in tears.

Sam and Lana’s new romance continued to blossom as the pair took to the water for an afternoon of parasailing above Sydney Harbour.

Their perfect day was topped off with a private champagne on the balcony at a restaurant in Manly, complete with a romantic serenade by British singer-songwriter Jamie Lawson.

As they danced in each other’s arms, the physical chemistry between Sam and Lana was obvious and Lana declared that she was smitten after a perfect date with The Bachelor.

Back at the mansion, the mood was tense at the cocktail party. When Lana returned with a huge smile on her face and a rose in her hand, Nina was furious.

New rivalries divided the mansion and set the ball rolling for the most unexpected rose ceremony yet.

With six Bachelorettes remaining and just five roses, time was fast running out for Sam to find true love

The ladies were apprehensive as they entered the room. As Sam handed out the roses one by one, it was obvious he was struggling with his choice. Wanting to be sure of his decision and feeling stressed and upset, Sam left the room with Sarah, Nina and Rachel yet to receive a rose. Some time later, after an intense discussion with Osher, he returned to the room with an additional rose and declared that no one would leave the mansion tonight.


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